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And The Music Played On


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Wrote this last night (as usual) while listening to some totally cool religious music.


There are times that the utter insanity of what's going on makes me feel like I've been trashing for an extended period in a sewer. Yes, believe it or not, folks, there are times that the u-no-what actually gets to me also.


To the point where I feel a great need for cleansing and purification. There are things that work well for me - such as physical labor/exercise, music, and of course creature-care, among others.


Did all three of them simultaneously after the close. Nancy's being away all day long doing a Vet-tec internship at Angel's Gate Hospice and Rehabilitation Center for Animals (about 150 there at last count) meant that I was Creature Steward for the 31 here in Valley Stream.


Located a religious music website she recently found, clicked onto it, then turned my attention to the creatures. A fair amount of work, as you can imagine (though it pales in comparison to what goes on at Angel's Gate). And the rewards greatly outweigh the work involved.


Like getting my mind out of the sewer, for openers. And physical rewards as well. Such as my being able to share in some of the things given to the creatures.


Like the large banana a few hours ago. I generally end up with about 40% for myself after I've made the rounds. This time, however, they were especially hungry. So as I made the rounds with banana and knife I noticed it was diminishing faster than usual.


Small Bird (Patty the mitered conure) got the next to the last piece. At which point the last piece was mine - all 1/8 of an inch of it. Once I had gotten over my amazement over what was left I figgered (through the glass half full concept) that this would enable me to derive greater enjoyment of it on the molecular level.


And the music played on. And I chilled out completely. And wrote this offering in hopes it would help at least some of you out there in coping with this environment.


And it's alceringa's birthday bdaycake.gif today! He is one of our fearless leaders who has made many noteworthy contributions to our community. Happy Birthday, Al!

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Alceringa's WHAT??? :o


HRFF, reflecting upon Alceringa's graffix of the DAZE OF YORE, which were, thematically speaking, FURom time to time directed to/diss?oriented around The BARE, would reciprocate IN KIND, ass 'twere on this AUGUST (no, November!) occasion;

HOWEVER, HRFF being still TECHNICALLY CHALLENGED, can't do that sort of thing.......YET, that iz, SEWWWwwww

he will have to console hisself with the following ERSATZ B'day greeting, gratis the MIGHTY, THE ONE AND ONLY OLD? FART HISSELF, Dr Stool:


Here it iz: :P

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Good morning all! And many tanks for all your support! Also dungs a lot to those who took the opportunity to subscribe to the Anals (pronounced Annals :lol: ) overnight!


It's always nice to be greeted in the morning email with several new stoolies on board the Stool train! Much ass grassy ass to all!


Got this note from Grot re Graphics. Many tanks grot!


Doc,I'm not sure if someone already answered this question but if individuals are saving the files with 32 or 24 bit color, the files will be larger than needed. Most graphic files will look fine with only 256 colors - the charts would probably be ok with just 16 colors. Just a suggestion to pass on.Later, Grot


Tanks again to Gladiator for his good work here on IDS!

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Morning all...


My brief NAS E-wave thoughts for the day


Last night was end of Wave 3 of the 5 wave move down we started (of Leg 1). This morning should continue leg 4 corrective move up, which should be about 10 points on the nas or 38% of the leg 3 move down to 1441 from 1466.


Following that should be another nasty downleg (5) and the NAS should see intra-day low of around 1436 or a close near there, possibly a tad lower.


Friday muddles... and next week we should start moving towards 1327 ish.......... thats the target interim wise.


Im short the QQQ 200% at 28.15 via RYVNX fund... upside target on RYVNX is 80 per share, closed just over 62 yesterday.

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The recent market move has been all based on momentum and HOPING.


Perhaps I should just defer to AL. My opinion is next 4 months are going to get quite ugly for Bulls...


"Once stock prices reach the point at which it is hard to value them by any logical methodology,

stocks will be bought as they were in the late 1920s ? not for investment, but to be unloaded at a

still higher price. The ensuing break could be disastrous because panic psychology cannot be

summarily altered or reversed by easy-money policies."


--Alan Greenspan, 1959
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Bearman and everyone-


To log in, click the "log in" link in the top menu bar. Your user name and password are the same as on the old IDS. If you are not registered on that board you will need to register on this one. Guest posting will be disabled December 7, in honor of Pearl Harbor Day.


Avatars got screwed up in the conversion of the members list from the old board. Please click "My Controls" to go to your board settings and reset your avatar. You can also update your personal saying, and add your burpday to your profile if you want to get lots of stoolie presents. You can also change board settings to improve speed and performance, if necessary. Finally, please enable receiving Admin email, just in case Doc has some good SPAM to send out. Udderwise you might miss something truly annoying. :P

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I like going out on a limb so here goes


NAS next few months into late January


1327 first target, then a move to 1380


Followed by move to 1145... I'll worry about the rest later...


this wont happen overnight mind you, but within 7-8 weeks is likely, and with a finish well below 1145...


Just MHO, I could be wrong...heh heh

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Hope springs eternal, NAS futures up 16!!


Jobless claims declining a bit... perhaps thats because their friggin claims just expired and they cant collect anymore!!!


You know how many IT people are out of work?? Do you realize alot of peeps have gone self employed and aren't looking for a job... I can tell you tons of my friends displaced who are now doing their own thing...


But, I would buy Intel here, after all, its only 40 times earnings


Good day to add to shorts this morning IMHO...

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