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Wedge Bearish or Bullish 8/8/23

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6 minutes ago, TurdButter said:

Will they? The biggest bubble is central bank omnipotence.

And I don't know that March, if that is what's being referred to, was a actual meltdown - fallout from a focused bank crisis due to massive incompetence and delusion at some medium large banks.

Of course, with rates heading up again, who knows what decrepitude will appear at some really big banks, or insurers, or pensions....

I would not say they are incompetent. It is the hybris, the overestimation of their own abilities.

i think even if the FED would not raise rates further and just let them where they are for a while, that something will crack. Where, what and when is the question. You get over 5% for 3 month bills, imagine! Sooner or later that „does“ something. Also: You never know how banks and insurers are positioned exactly. Almost all are positioned wise, but if only 1% are not this could lead to major trouble.

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