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What A Way To Go


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Serendipitiously caught on COURTTV (NY Channel 58) at 5:20 PM last Tuesday while clicking down to a music video channel for Baby - who prefers this (and war movies) to cartoons (which apparently make her go to sleep) - to watch:


German man, 72, offering 125K to any woman who can kill him with sex.


Rolf Eden was a Berlin property tycoon, fromer nightclub owner and celebrity.


"My goal is to die on a lady while making love," he says.


Applicants must be young, healthy and attractive.


Death must be natural - no knives, guns, etc.


$125K has been set aside in his will for the lucky lady.



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Rog: makes sense. They really should be forced to fess up for the inventory build and the channel stuffing. Perhaps it is finally time to face the music?

Market has the chain ass backwards. it should be retail demand -> Computer manufacturer demand -> Semi demand -> Semi equip demand.


Instead the market is looking for some increase in orders in semi equip to call the turn. Stoolpid. If there was a build spike it should have been obivious in October, not December.

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I know - time to pull out some grey hairs on this hoary head - sob - Have a Nice Day everybody :)


Before I go - glad I have power


One Million Without Power in N.C.

The Carolinas, where freezing rain coated trees, sending limbs crashing onto streets and power lines, were among the hardest hit. Downed branches snarled travel in neighborhoods, and more than a million customers were without power in North Carolina alone.

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I'm not a Bradely scientist but try to catch snippets of Crawford's Arch when possible. Arch recently said that Mr. Bradley has been fantastic in 2002 but that other years it is completely useless. :rolleyes:

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Anatomy of making some cake. Someone (not me unfortunately) bought 130,000 UAL Jan04 $5 leap puts in Feb02 for $1.75. At the time the stock was @$11.56. Today that someone is sitting on $42m in profit. Who says buy and hold is dead?!


Big option trades are an excellent tell, especially the ones that seem to make no sense. It has always been said that very smart money makes the big bets in the option pit.

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rog, I do not get into the depth that you do. Really appreciate the insights. I always wonder how the sheeple will play the stock, short term after the spin doctors and borkers get done with it.


charmin, you look scared... a good way to be... that way you are never complacent.

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