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Technically Telling Thursday Aug 26

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Tig' Ol .. yeah, you've got to take some "to go". I've wanted to, but never used Tulving. I won't because I am only blocks away from him and he still won't let me pick up my goods. I've used CNI many times for that very reason of leaving with a package, and their prices are almost the same...sometimes better on Silver. I am looking specifically for Silver Maples and am looking for a REASONABLY priced source.. About .75 - $1. for the premium.. If anyone knows, PLEASE notify me.


Thanks Maxi .. is that a Platinum Krug ? She's a beaut...

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welp gooboogers - chart pattern prediction was correct about the dollar's lower closing today - a lot of good that did for us goober longs today!


man - i sure wish the RAND wouldn't start strengthening here right after i bought a ship load of drooy! someone kick me upside the head - oh that feels so good thank you very much!


on the following goob's chart - i'm a little nervous for my GSS babies when the indicators are still hovering just above their breakout resistance points - i'd like to see them turn back down ASAP! if they start moving up here especially by end of Monday - I may have to cut my losses from today. the chart pattern based on interest rate expectations usually breaks out to the upside on Tuesday's if it's going to happen. otherwise it's down for the dollar. the next two trading days are rather important or i'll have to stop charging exorbitant fees for my work and move to a private password only website to be heard from no more!


goober out :)


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