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  1. 14 hours ago, SiP said:

    Nice reversal on Nvidia. The Q is whether this was a minor top or it's just great buying opportunity?

    1000 for nVidia is a pretty high mark at the moment.

    This AI, or to be more accurate AGI and ASI madness if it continues, is going to need a lot of compute. Compute is the current term used in AI circles to mean the computers to develop and then  perform the AI. A lot of compute.  A lot of money to be borrowed and I would operate on the assumption that every bank in the US today has a green light to lend for AI. Like every bank has lent to oil drillers for 25 years. Oh sure, there have been dozens of billions of defaults. So what? It isn't even a flesh wound. Billions, trillions, whatever. The US with it's continuing record output has totally rewritten the global supply demand balance.

  2. The worlds richest people and corporations are in the thrall of visions of being like gods. At the vanguard of a million years of evolution, ready to take on the solar system and then beyond.  For all humanity, and all fate to boot of course.  If not gods at least kings. How wonderful.  For some reason unlimited energy is always baked into these things but never mind that.  More energy isn't on the way despite the hype but in the meantime more money will be and a lot will be needed to build out our robot overlords and Mars colonies.

    I mean a lot of money. That's why crypto is so hot. People want more money and there isn't a way for the banking system with all that old 15th century double entry bookkeeping can supply it. Crypto is a zany way to do it but people are desperate for more money.  How about Amazon or Tesla bucks?  The sky is the limit on this money thing. 

    Visions of galactic scale liquidity suggest caution.



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