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  1. Now, let's go to the films. I report, you decide. These are not recommendations, simply charts that I find interesting. Buy or sell? You tell me! The charts are really boring today. Nothing stands out. Everything looks like it could go either way. Meanwhile there's a plane over my neighborhood that keeps buzzing us. It's nerve-wracking. 😠😠
  2. Bulls took yesterday's screen game with 17 buys and 12 sells. This is swing trade buy signals vs. sell signals from yesterday's action. These are very low numbers. The market is apparently riding the residual momo from the 58-16 bull win from Monday's action. And that could be a second wind off the thrust of the 155 buy signals that started the 6 month cycle up phase back on March 28. That was the Big Kahuna. This is raw data. These are not recommendations. They represent charts that have triggered short term signals near key cyclical support or resistance levels. Pick throug
  3. Remember this oldy but goody? 4220 or Bust 4/27/21 The new 2-3 day cycle projection is 4210. Can't make a precise 5 day cycle projection, but if the market doesn't pull back much before NY opens, we'd be looking at around 4225-30. The codpiece pattern breakout measures to around 4250. Trend resistance is around 4203 in the 5-6 AM hour in New Yak. That would of course become sport if they clear it. The next sport lines below that would be around 4198 and 4193. The next resistance would be around 4210. Hourly indicators remain on the buy side. They're a few ticks below w
  4. They sell to the same fools all the time. The basic fact is that the Primary Dealers run the markets. They get cash from the Fed, mark up their inventory, market it through the usual PR channels and sell it. That's their business. And the game is now rigged because the Fed is pumping $180 billion a month into their accounts, every single month with no end in sight. And now the Treasury is piling on. $430 billion since February 23. It's disgusting. I have no problem with other people's opinions. Plan your trades. Trade your plan. There's more than one way to make money
  5. These are swing trades, typical holding period on average, 3 weeks. Steady, diversified, small average, very short term gains, and rotation of cash, catching a runner here and there and riding it, are the idea.
  6. Most of the longs I have right now are energy stocks. A few of them broke out today. Also a few tech stocks. They are red. I am up comfortably on the day. I have no shorts, but not because I don't want to. I prefer to be short. But shorts haven't worked, even when there are sell signals because the trend structures for the time frames I work aren't conducive to shorting.
  7. I don't trade futures. I'm just small time. I buy and sell a few shares of the stocks generated by my screens, including the ones I publish on the weekends.
  8. I came in long, and got longer before the noncement. I don't like to talk about my trading. It's a jinx. Every time I open my mouth I lose money.
  9. Worked my butt off promoting my post on Twitter. Powell used almost my exact words when asked about the TAPER. https://liquiditytrader.com/index.php/2021/04/28/markets-awash-in-cash-where-how-and-how-long-revealed/
  10. Jaysus says, "Froth." Maestro said, "Irrational exuberance." That was 1996. The market topped out in March 2000.
  11. Endless liquidity. The dealers have more cash every day. Banks, hedge funds. Always more cash. It's obscene. Absolutely obscene. https://liquiditytrader.com/index.php/2021/04/28/markets-awash-in-cash-where-how-and-how-long-revealed/
  12. Although sometimes they're not. That's where trade management comes in.
  13. One thing I've learned. When you think that the patterns are obvious.
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