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  1. A tour de farce of updated employment charts you won't find anywhere else http://t.co/yxQ496QR

  2. Updated housing charts you won't see anywhere else. http://t.co/X1RgVxXf

  3. On Shills, Technocrats, Politicians and the Sinking Ship by Bruce Krasting. Bruce is da man! This post says it all! http://t.co/P1LUQq2w

  4. Conomists are offended that I dare to attack seasonally adjusted data, which compares one made up number with another. http://t.co/cTl2u1kS

  5. If the right wants a bloated military that can leave a worldwide footprint, then it should at least be willing to pa... http://t.co/14MpRohv

  6. Problematic Premarket Pullback Puts Positive Prospects In Peril (Pro Edition- read for 30 days, no risk trial) http://t.co/AXvOOaAS

  7. Liquidity in Four Week Stall, But Still In Uptrend http://t.co/2sB2jaY1 Professional Edition- read for 30 days, no risk trial.

  8. They nailed the 2 day cycle projection, but put that 5 day projection on hold. The near buy signal on hourly aborted, http://t.co/seoWoDna

  9. Major, Gargantuan, Huge Inflection Point of Biblical Proportions for Stocks Could Be An Understatement (Pro. Edition) http://t.co/1ovPY8L6

  10. Treasury Buying Panic Reaches Major Inflection Point, Whither Yields Go, So Too Stocks (Pro Edition) http://t.co/LvPGrA3R

  11. This would be a good time to listen to our free podcast this week with Russ Winter and me. Fun! http://t.co/CSmY1MlH

  12. JPMorgan Risk Oversight and Incestuous Corporate Boards Licking and Grooming Each Other http://t.co/ilwNmkdL

  13. Gold Waits for Impetus With Big Cycle Turn Due (Pro Edition- Read risk free for 30 days) http://t.co/Xi91JkHr

  14. Wall Street Examiner Forums and Bears Chat: Latest Headlines http://t.co/zDrJehgh

  15. CME Reduces Margins On Crude, Precious Metals http://t.co/4g3CJkEQ

  16. The E.U., Neofeudalism and the Neocolonial-Financialization Model, by Charles Hugh Smith http://t.co/VWeBJNTi

  17. For Bulls and Bears, It’s Now Or Never (Pro Edition) http://t.co/V7qrVl9t

  18. Winter Covers Shorts; Maladjusted US Economy Seems Good Because of European Capital Influx- Free Podcast http://t.co/fIDnl7ZQ

  19. New Features and Latest Headlines http://t.co/sVXeixMe

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