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  1. Bears took yesterday's screen game with 38 sell signals and 10 buy signals. That reverses Monday's output, which I neglected to post. That score was 32 buys to 20 sells. We've had a couple days of 45 to 56 sell signals over the past 10 days, But that's still well below the the thrust of the 155 buy signals that started the 6 month cycle up phase back on March 28. That was the Big Kahuna. That wave has waned, but there's no big counter wave yet. The 5 day total is 84 buys to 127 sells. Weak, but not intermediate term thrust territory. Good chart reading and picking should allow for
  2. One of my short chart picks for Monday morning has a theoretical profit of 33% at 100% margin, 66% at 50% margin. That will make up for a multitude of losers. That profit will probably all but disappear by this afternoon, no doubt. 😠 But the list was balanced, with 5 longs and 5 shorts. One of the longs got stopped out yesterday. It's a shame. I really liked that chart. Sorry to see it go. 😢 Out of Gas – Swing Trade Picks For Week of May 3, 2021 LEE ADLER 2 - TECHNICAL TRADER MAY 2, 2021 2/16/21 Every week I run technical stock screens covering all NYSE an
  3. Zooming in to 30 minute bars they're testing the "uptrend" channel here at 4172 at 5:30 AM NY time.
  4. Call it a pothole. Call it a mini flash crash. We've had a few of these lately, and yesterday's was epic. I call it, Dealers Shake the Trees. They're low on inventory because of relentless customer buying. They needed to shake some loose before the relentless US Treasury liquidity tsunami put so much cash into the pockets of their whale customers, that it starts burning holes in their pockets. The US Treasury is pumping ungodly amounts of cash into big investor (and dealer) accounts. $91 billion in the second half of April. Another $55 billion just this week. And yet, massive inflo
  5. I miss my fucutres charts. I guess I should pony up for a sub to Tradingviews.com
  6. 3 minute SPY chart has a perfected inverted Head and Shoulders here on the verge of a breakout.
  7. We've seen the Treasuries respond. I'm shocked at how weak stocks have been. I'm actually incredulous. Seeing this shakes me. The terrible things that are coming will be truly epic. I still think that they are a few months out.
  8. Once the Treasury runs out of cash, the market will do it for them. Yellen is just playing make believe because she knows that it's coming. They always want investors to think that they are in control.
  9. I really hope my saved templates come back. I put a hell of a lot of work into developing those. Sheeit.
  10. But it's ok. I can handle it. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. And all of my swing trade picks were shorts for this week. That helps. 😂
  11. Charts are back, my templates aren't. I'm still blind on the overall mkt.
  12. The concept of "pricing in" is Wall Street bullshit. Liquidity is what matters, and the TA should reflect it.
  13. I've been writing and missed the bottom dropping out. WTF. 5 day cycle projection 4153.
  14. Gold Going Nowhere, But We Have Mining Picks to Swing LEE ADLER 3 - GOLD TRADER MAY 4, 2021
  15. They've been zigging and zagging, and shaking and shucking. The dealers are trying to shake the tree, I think, as the US Treasury continues to pour phenomenal amounts of money into the markets, on top of the Fed's QE. Meanwhile, they're trying to turn the 5 day cycle up here. If they clear 4180 in the 6-7 AM hour in New York, that would be a go. If they don't, I'd look for support around 4172 for starters. If you are a new visitor here, please register and join in! To post your observations and charts, and snide, but good-natured, comments, click here to register. Be sure to
  16. My immune system is just fine. I usually get one cold per year. However, I'm 70, have had a heart attack, have been on an external heart pump overnight to keep me alive for surgery, and have flatlined in that surgery. Therefore, I know that I have cardiovascular disease, so I am among those at high risk of death if I contract the virus. Those with my condition have 1 40% risk of hospitalization, and early on in the pandemic before there were at least a few treatments, 10% of those patients died. This is not just a bad flu. I know 5 people who died. 3 of my best friends had it also and 2 o
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