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  1. I leave you today with a 5 day cycle projection of 4240. And that's the way it is, Thursday, May 6, 2021. Have a gouda evening.
  2. Jaysus: Fading? Did you say fading? It's not fading until we say it's fading! Are you with me! Now LET'S GO!
  3. Here’s Why We Should Sell In June, Before the Swoon LEE ADLER 1 - LIQUIDITY TRADER- MONEY TRENDS MAY 6, 2021
  4. The Fed and US Treasury are literally keeping dead bodies alive, and having them walk around and pretend to be markets.
  5. Unbelievable bullshit market. Trade those 30 second bars like there's no tomorrow because that's the only time frame that works. Total bullshit.
  6. Bulls won yesterday's screen game with 34 buy signals and 12 sell signals. That reverses Wednesday's output. That score was 10 buys to 38 sells. We've had a couple days of 45 to 56 sell signals over the past 10 days, But that's still well below the the thrust of the 155 buy signals that started the 6 month cycle up phase back on March 28. That was the Big Kahuna. That wave has waned, but there's no big counter wave yet. The 5 day total is 101 buys to 127 sells. That's a slight increase in buys since yesterday. Overall it is weak, but not intermediate term thrust territory. Good cha
  7. First, the 2 hour bars. I mean, what is this? Meatgrinder? Veg-o-matic? Slice and Dice? Shake and Bake? Swing Trader's Nightmare? Day Trader's Delight? I guess it all depends on your time frame. Today sets up bullish. No. Wait. Today sets up bearish. No. Wait. On the hourly bars, the dour Europeans have repelled the Asian Tiger rebound at the downtrend line. We're right smack in the middle of this infernal trading range. It's 5 AM in New Yak. The hour of power. Decision time. Or not. If you are a new visitor, ple
  8. Amazing. They broke the channel and immediately brought it right back within. This is the 30 minute bars. Indicators are on sell.
  9. They got it. Possible return to the scene of the crime rally that turns into extended decline.
  10. Quite a resistance band, the next 10 points. These ring tailed howitzer candles are starting to stick out like sore thumbs.
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