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Fat Profits Are Guaranteed


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We will make fat fat profits now IF we are not too greedy.


Doc's cycles show a massive sustained downmove


The wonderfull SG says monster downmove ahead


We saw the count from Zoran, who was quite often very correct


...............and so on and on.


In sum: A very good downmove is dead ahead, we will make money if we are not to greedy, dont play those feb or march options! Trade safe, make sure that you can close your postion via the phone, if internet breaks down, which i wouldnt rule out completely. Dont think "that is the last time i can make big money, so i will go with my whole account into the trade", stock market will not close soon, we will get further opportunities to make money, we have doc, we have SG and we have all the other very good stoolies, there will be opportunities in the future and those guys menti0oned will present us these opportunities!



Dont be too greedy, play it safe and you will make fat money with the comming downmove.

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There's NO such thing as "GUARANTEED" on Wall St!


Stool, it doesn't matter WHAT the odds are, it's probably SNOT a good idea to condone postings that talk about "guaranteed" profits on your site.


Just a suggestion... you might avoid a big hassle later if some one relies on a post like the one starting this thread to his/her detriment.

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if one is a bear, but doesnt go short after looking at doc's cycles and SG's wave counts, than he/she should better stop trading FOREVER.


My post is dedicated to those who TRADE and who call themselves "bears". All i wanted to say is, that those people shouldnt get to greedy, if they cant let their fingers away from options then they should maybe buy june in the money puts, or so.


They should just choose an instrument with which they can "survive" a littel upmove here. If one chooses they right instrument it doesnt matter if we start going down from here or in 2 weeks, after a bit of an upmove.

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The importance is in money management - esp. using a leveraged account. I use spreadbetting in the UK - where you can deal on 10-20% margin - depending on the instrument.


I am still learning.....however, I note that several times I have closed a losing position - as things were running "a bit close" to a margin call......only to be "proved right" a few days later. It is impossible to time every trade 100%, all the time. (Without the help of Docs annals/ SG's EW counts!!) Esp. when the market sends along "wee pops" to the upside, just to keep people on both sides of the fence nervous!


Tomorrow MAY BE such a day....esp at 50% retracement levels on the S&P. However, the overall direction is extremely likely to be down. So, don't be greedy, don't be margined out. Position sizing is one of the most vital parts of trading!


I like SG's atitude of getting rich quickly, slowly. Irrational greed can kill any one of us......



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Agree, DUNT GIT GREEDY! It does look like a big downmove is imminent, however, as a well practiced "REALIST" trader, I take each day in stride and make each trade according to the current trend support/resistance levels.


This has been my bread & butter strategy and never I stray away from it. If one gets to overly BEARISH or BULLISH and the trend begin to change on them, then emotion takes over and capital gets transfered to the other side of your trade. Emotion cause one to second guess their position or even worse "hope" for a change in the direction of their price. Support and Resistance, one day at a time..

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SG chimes in


I keep my emotions out of trading, and with great results.


Easier said than done, but it must be learned to be successful.


I always take profits, often a bit early...


That said, I expect a mild upside re-trace sometime early in week, and am prepared mentally for it.


SG says the 3rd wave will take many many weeks to play out.


There will be $$ to be made on the long and short side this year... try to keep focused on the 1-5 day windows in the meantime and not get too far ahead. Keep an alternate plan or alternate view in your vision as a trader so you are open minded at all times....


Good luck.


If anyone follows me blindly, its at their own peril. My risk tolerance is very high, and I can handle large losses if I need to...


I could be wrong at anytime...

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BARE, what fox meant to say was:


Fat Profits Are Guaranteed, or We'll Refund Every Cent That Your Subsciption to the Stool Pigeon's Wire Has Cost You. Note: The message board "Stool Pigeon's Wire" is a free service. The only "cost" is voluntary contributions. Voluntary contributions will not be refunded. Therefore, nothing will be refunded, even if you fail to make a profit. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Trading the market is risky, and could involve loss of capital. Capitalstool does not make recommendations for trading or endorse any particular poster; the posts herein are for entertainment purposes only. If you lose money in the market, it's your own goddamn fault. You're probably some kind of cretin. So leave us alone. Stop calling us all the time. Can't you take a hint? Our answering machine is NOT broken. We have received every single one of your 87 answering messages, including the one about the dream you had involving the Russian gymnastics team and a very large vat of Yoo-Hoo. Give up already. We just don't like you.

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