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Monthly Digger - August, 2005

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Notwithstanding that EGO might be real, and would put the shit hawk amongst the moggies, it's hard to get too excited vis a vie Los PMS. On the HUI hourly charts we had a double top and drop with an impulsive looking move down. I suppose it's arguable that 5 waves down have been completed but the obvious interpretation is we are in wave 4 down and we will test the underside of the breakdown of the channel maybe early Monday say about 206 then head down to find support 196? 192?

The nominally 8 week cycle still has a couple of weeks of downsiding so that doesn't favour the PMS either. Wave 4 here seems to be a little pennant but that matters nought.

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EGO - Not a single tick but multiple from 3.03 to 4.24, still could be total BS.


Hey All,

Might be total B.S. but I show the last trade of 163500 shares @ 4:03 p.m. - per Morgan Stanley.


Watch - Monday morning they will have been acquired by someone for $4 a share, at least we made $ on something. Maybe.


Sorry - I should be in the cave, CoinGuy left the door open. :unsure:

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Bigcharts and I-Net show it down 30 cents at 3.25 AH.




Good tick. Either some moron entered a rather large market order on close(Jackie Chan) :P or something is up. It got hammered in AH. It was however a good tick. Thor you scare me. We have same exact targets scalp up or early move down next week. Be long by the end of next week as long as the 195 area holds on a close. We are going UP.

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You know what I find ironic. The interpretations I read on the COT all seemed to suggest the positions on gold were very bearish and those on silver supportive. So what happens? Gold goes nowhere and silver gets dumped. Of course, the opposite of what was expected.

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