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Weekly Digger - July 18-23, 2005

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um...  Yup, guess I did.  But could ya switch the two by any chance ????


Still long PAL, large... :huh:  :unsure:  :o


Thanks for your findings...  oh ..and could ya add HL in the mix of bullish postured ones too.... ???  :rolleyes:


You'll be pleased to know that HL made the news today, oh boy! And made the grade as well, now at 1 due to a short-term bullish bend. Not exactly a glowing wreck but remember sperm whales start out as whales sperm. :lol:


Good show.


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Interesting article on copper at Marketwatch:





From an Elliott perspective, copper should top out in the next few months. It's in a 5th wave ending diagonal.


Falconbridge may have already topped.


Until Friday, I thought that Phelps Dodge had topped last February. Instead, it also seems to be in an ending diagonal.




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i really think that although this 2.1% alteration of yuan to dolar is small, to me its ringing the bell. they sell they never ring a bell, well here it is. loud and clear. the statement being we are diversifying , which means to me they will be less prone to buy as many dolars as they have been. And their policy of allowing their citizens to own gold. its says to me golds time is coming. i have lived in india for a # of years, and it was apparent to me that folks, through their long history of currency failures, hoarded money in gold. adorned their wives in 22k and this was in effect their bank accounts. i suspect the chinese have a similar history. stay tuned, the bell has rung. patience grasshopper dharma

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Bearvest:? could the correction be a 3-3-3 rather than a 3-3-5?? Does the C wave have to be 5 waves?


Anything I've read says if the A wave subdivides into 3, it's either a flat, which is my projected count (being a 3-3-5) or a triangle, which is Feedfool's projected count (being 3-3-3-3-3). It can also be an irregular flat (being a 3-3-5).


I have never read that a 3-3-3 count is forbidden. But I've never seen it endorsed as a pattern. See Poser, pp. 10 and 17 and Prechter, pp. 40 et seq.


Where a 3-3-3 exists, it will often be a part of a combination. The countertrend move is a 3-3-3 of one lesser degree of trend and is labelled an "x" wave. The correction resumes in a three wave fashion thereafter


I just re-read Chapter 1 of Prechter's "Elliott Wave Principle". He lists four corrective patterns:


i. Zig-zag: An abc that counts 5-3-5


ii. Flat: An abc that counts 3-3-5


iii. Triangle: A triangle that counts 3-3-3-3-3 (or an expanding triangle that still counts 3-3-3-3-3)


iv. Combination: Any 3 wave move, an "x" wave and another 3 wave move. This is a "double three". There can also be a "triple three".


After listing these four patterns, he says at p. 60:


" As far as we know, this chapter lists all wave formations that can occur in the price movement of the broad stock market averages. Under the Wave Principle, no other formations than those listed here will occur"


So it seems that a 3-3-3 pattern does not exist.

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xau working off hourly overbought situation. i expect more fireworks to the upside down the road. its still july, which means seasonally weak for pms.? am still expecting a banner 2nd 1/2 of year. i am using the same count as franks.? many pm stocks have flag or pennant patterns which are bullish.? dharma



I think you, Hadj and I are the only ones who seem to believe the miners are going higher.

I honestly don't believe the level of bearishness here. What is it that doesn't hit bears upside the head?

Oh well, it's great here in Turks & Caicos. Didn't buy more KRY, just held and set a stop at $3. We'll see if the market knows something we don't.

The big moves lie ahead, hope they aren't missed.

I'll stick with gold and silver, Feedfool can have the other commodities. I'm glad he's not bullish though. :)


I'm bullish :) Waiting to trade the penny dreadfuls and I see signs they're coming out of a deadly downtrend since Christmas. The daily charts have ticked up but being cautious I'm waiting for the weekly indicators to turn. The sounds of silence as far as PMs are concerned on the other forums, probably a good sign :D


I live in a gold mining town, major boom in progress here and nowhere near the top imo. Real estate is being snapped up as soon as it hits the market, workers pouring in from around the country, mines are desperate for tradesppl and miners, all good signs for another leg up...

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