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Plague requires a large rat population (? Wall Street) , high population density and insect vectors. Very poor terrorist agent. Anthrax is perfect, also it is probable that it NEVER goes away in a person once infected. Antibiotics control the organism but have a very hard time killing it.

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OK. . . so I go over to Morgan and if there were fire trucks and all, they were gone. ?Everything seemed normal then everyone started shreaking! ?

Jeesh. . .You'd think they never saw a mouse in New York before! :blink:

No, Mousey, they were just commenting on your choice of attire. I TOLD you that the "Saturday Night Fever" look was out. :D

Hey Drano, walking around with a couple of paint cans is trey kewl in NYC nowadays.


SG, looks like if the NAZ is mirroring the 1929 Dow it is about to take a one-and-a-half gainer into the abyss.

that's exactly what its going to take to shut those jackasses up on Crapvision FOREVER.


"Tech this, Tech that, Tech this, Tech that, blagh, blagh, balgh" Tech is an absolute good, its the only game in town.



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unless buying volume picks up in the NDX/Nasdaq 100 Index. the qqq will have a difficult time getting above 20.75.....


timeframe qqq 30 min. zoomed in to slightly shorter cycle & daily ndx vol. chart.


just have to see what kind of volune comes in this afternoon........ we shall see

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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