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Anybody else wonder where Merciless disappeared to? Kinda makes you wonder if some tough Chicago guy mugged him for that briefcase full of Krugerrands and Merci is now speculating on cement futures with Jimmy Hoffa......

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Re: AMZN and its abiltiy or non ability to be shorted....simply place a sell short order somewhere above the current ask and you will quickly learn whether or not shares are available through your broker. They should come back with "on hard to borrow list" or "no shares available" if you cant short it. If they are not available, doesnt make sense in tracking it anymore.

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Unable to load chart, must be too big a file.  Dont know how to reduce it, if someone knows how, let me know.  Trust me, you want to see this...

You're absolutely right, SG. Why don't you simply post the link?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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