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"Now that was fun."


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1987 in the early stages


TX Z04 88200 88320 87700 87750 -540 :ph34r:


EC Z04 124100 124220 123870 124120 + 890

US Z04 112190 113000 111190 111260 -260

TY Z04 112290 113020 112055 112100 -150








TIC TOK TIC TOK 3 minutes till Midnite :ph34r:

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They are buying interest rate sensitive stocks in the face of bonds coming unglued

I am finding the actions of the pathetic mms and 990n hilarious

These people really do have shit for brains

No conscience

IBM being jammed on the 300 million dollar charge

FNM No Pulse

Bearman...Right on the money

Should be a scary reversal today or tomorrow at the latest

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HUI powers to a 5-month high, confirming strength in the precious metals.


Devaluation coming ...  :unsure:



Please, how do you "devalue" a floating currency?

Obviously, the dollar can't be devalued formally, as under fixed exchange rates.


However, China CAN formally stop pegging and let the yuan float ... which indirectly devalues the dollar.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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