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Spike down on RUT at 1532 must have wiped out the players going for the no brainer 1530 long bet we see everyday

How many stops did that little gem take out?

This market is a license to steal.

Thats what has worried me about playing the timeframe matrix jams

that kind of crap will be happening more and more

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Top holders Merck a/o 30 Jun, source Bloomberg

Barclays Global 109,070m

Fidelity 76,542m

State Street 75,601m

Vanguard 45,270m

Citicorp 45,319m


etc etc


Same for FNM


Capital Research 85,039m

Fidelity 72,732m

Barclays Global 45,388m

State Street 30,670m

AXA 28,616m



Mega OUCH for those fumble managers



State Street, Barclays and Vanguard need it for their ETFs

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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