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"Now that was fun."


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Tense Moments During Trailblazing Private Space Flight

By Leonard David

Senior Space Writer

posted: 29 September 2004

11:28 am ET


"Now that was fun."

-- Pilot Mike Melvill


MOJAVE, CALIFORNIA ? In a frightening mission that could nonetheless herald a new era of space tourism, a privately built, three-person rocket ship flew to space and back today.


The craft, SpaceShipOne, made an unscripted series of rolls near the top of its flight. The engine was shut down early. The flight terrified some who watched from the ground and on a live webcast.


The pilot seemed unfazed, however.


"That was a really good ride. I feel like I nailed it," said Mike Melvill after he landed. "But right up at the top I got a surprise when it really spun up and did a little victory roll." . . .

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Thinning Ice


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I show $416.80 as last intraday high, back in August


So far I don't see that broken ???????

Yeah - the $417 quote sounds like Dec. futures not Spot. I'm showing Spot at $415 after reaching a high so far this AM of $415.80.

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Why is the dollar getting bombed??


I can't find any news.

euro cleared 1.2345 which is strong res level.


Now dollar will go to zero, then greeenspan get hanged at the market place, then gold will be introduced to replace fiat paper money. This will all happen before christmas.

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