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Daily Digger - Moonday Sept SEX, '04

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Negative fibes creeping into Hadjins psyce'. Kind of feels like they are stablizing us mid day and readying us for a later today or tomorrow followup upside the head slapdown.... Bummer...

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Thanks for the SSRI comments folks.


I sold Novagold (Amex:NG, TSX:NG) this morning. It was actually 40% of my portofolio, and it hasn't been bad to me. I still believe the stock has upside potential, but now there are better stocks to consider, IMO.


GSS on top of the list.


Dollar remains an odd story today. Still down. :unsure:

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Me neither. I guess whether we'll close below 200 (HUI) will be significant. But the USD is down 0.25% as we speak, and that makes it hard to read the situation at this point.


Silver and silver stocks are really the ones beaten down this time. Personally, I think the stocks which hold up relatively well today are more interesting though. SSRI may be an exception though, since it had such a run up.


But beyond this week, I'm quite optimistic at this point as well.

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I thought the way the metals were crushed at the US open and the response of the stocks was quite positive; but I was a bit disheartened at how the metals got smacked again just before the close. Hopefully this is the tree shake before moving ahead again.


Owning some HRT helped as well.

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I am in my garden sunning and drinking and you are not holding the fort ;)

Mahendra lost

Merlin was right below 400 we go

In the caf? they called for people taking a subscription to Mahendra ; I think you could as well subscribe to Moon his english is better :P and he is more transparent


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I think I got a Cameo gold coin 20 dollars liberty head for the price of junk


When I was a child there was this game that you put coins on a cork and then you used to throw at this cork with another coin from 6 feet away

The guy hitting the cork got the coins that were on top

This type of junk 20 $ goes for 418 euro today



I got an uncurculated cameo for less then 400 E

But now I will have to find out how to get it rated by a recognised service

I never had a coin graded before

Can anybody advise me how to send a coin to the US for grading and how to sell it

in view of customs and transport costs ? What grading service to use and will they hold the coins and ship it to the buyer ?

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