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Daily Digger - Thorsday Sept 2, '04

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It's nice to see a bunch of new guys on board here. Keep up the good work. I am encouraged that the metals have been able to keep their head above water during the Fourth Reich Convention this week. Higher prices lie ahead for those with the patience to stay long. Corrections are inevitable. In the long run I think the Dollar is destined for lower prices and the metals should therefore work higher. We are entering a strong seasonal period so we should go higher from here or after a small pullback. So far I am encouraged by the action in Silver especially. With that said if we do pullback today would be a perfect day for the initial smackdown.

Although I am not in love with Kerry I think that another four years of the current administration would be a very bad thing for us all. Never being under fire himself I think Bush does not have the understanding of what war really is. At least Kerry has tasted and experienced what it is like. I don't know the circumstances he received the Purple Hearts for but in my opinion even if he shot himself in the ass to get one at least he was there. Bush was wine tasting. I was smoking weed listening to The Dead. Kerry was there. If you know anyone who was over there they'll tell you it wasn't much fun. Repeal the Patriot Acts and take the country back from the Neocons.

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Does anyone really think we have free and fair markets? Take a look at the activity on July 19th in GSS. I know some of you guys own and actively trade this stock. I used to day trade this one as well so I know what the MM is capable of doing. bear in mind this is not a thinly traded Canadian cheapie. GSS traded over 1 million shares that day. The MM should be locked up or 6 feet under for his games. I'll post two other charts showing price action from the same time frame. Don't use market orders.


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