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Daily Digger - Thorsday Sept 2, '04

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Pathetic Volumes today, and since were slightly down, I consider this a plus(I'm biased)...Marking time in my opinion. Tomorrow may be a different story. Metals in the "very" recent past have done well on Fridays. A different theme than what we saw during the Jan-May period, or in the "hell in a handbasket period" as I like to call it. Depending on how much you got caught I guess.


As far as conviction goes, I was trying to be clear on my post. I hope I didn't ruffle feathers with my opinions on the metals. I'm not crazy about this type of medium because some of the meaning is lost in your speech(typing), and the rest is lost in the translation... :D .


Tig, I still have that Can and LLP list from our discussion a year and half ago. I've done extremely well with it.





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Anybody take the Crude trade the other day? Nice pop the last few days. Bored last nite and visited Geico's website. They just started to write car insurance last month here in New Jersey. No bs got a new policy last nite for less than half what I was paying Chubb. Check it out.

Puked last nite watching the RNC. UFB. Zell is unreal. Never thought I would ever say this but I felt more comfortable watching Clinton. Ain't that some $hit?

Anyways for me the parameters haven't changed. Still need a close over 6.90 in Silver and 410 or so in Gold. HUI over 210 close. Long side looks better than short. Long term much higher. But y'all already know that. :D

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Any predictions for the close? Partial comeback? Fall further?


I think its interesting to see SSRI above PAAS again, and this time, not at a peak. SSRI down .05, PAAS down .34. Usually you dont see SSRI falling LESS, you see it going up more and falling more...

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Well regarding the thread, I don't understand why Thor needs a break in the first place. Hell, the guy doesn't have a job, or any other meaningful obligations. If he says he's busy, it means he's watching TV or something.


I don't know why AB can't do it. I know he's a little computer illiterate, but you don't need real computer skills to open a thread. Although I must admit, I never started a topic either. 


Anyway, Ageka and I probably will take care of it, since we are usually the first to arrive here.

That's it I'm siccing The One on you. Besides I'm trying to watch this really bad film about Atlantis. Anyway, think of it as passing the torch. One of you should step forward and ask the Doc for Moderator status. Tell him that I'm about as useful as Bits on a Toar.

Anyway, it will be quite funny if my Sept 1 top comes to pass. Unlikely it will be much regarded as I forgot to disguise it in a lot of astrological claptrap.

Trade safe, dudes. Working on a new model which seems to backtest just as well as the previous one butt a little bit easier on the implementation side. Means I can follow both NEM and SMH at the same time. Signals are also more in your face so no mistaking.

What I see right now is the coiling in NEM led to the breakout to a new high but we are pulling back. Doesn't look like a retest to me. Looks like a failure. Trend is down in NEM and up in SMH., but the signal there is very weak.

Thor, I don't want that torch. I much rather have you back on board, and have some fun together. The fact of the matter is that we had a lot of fun lately, except for this last week. The problem is when we get into these ridiculous forecasting competitions which are BS anyway. Anyway, you've been right a lot, and I had my fair share of right calls too. Why can't we just leave at that. I admit that I too push that too far sometimes.


The more important issue is how can "we" stick together on our favorite board. Thor, you have said things on this board, if you'd had mentioned it elsewhere, you'd be killed and roasted. However, people here forgive you so easily, because you bring so much to the board as well. That's why you are the moderator, and as appears, nobody wants that job from you. The point is, we're with a bunch of people who have nothing better to do than to stick around here. And that becomes increasingly meaningful, when it comes with a degree of joy.

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Goobers - thank you to all with the kind remarks.


Quick (hope not too confusing) post - I think the dollar reaction up will be limited to the 89.2 - 89.4 range based on 5-6 days ago EURODOLLAR CONTRACT level of 97.5 = 89.2 - 89.4 as we approach (EURODOLLAR) trendline support at 97.5 level.


Also this dollar target would have it test resistance at 89.4 on the below chart posted before turning back down in the channel.


I'm off for some golf so - gotta go goobers!




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Hi Moon

Tomorrow I have to risk life and limb to go to evenementenlocatie brederode rotterdam holland

Any last minute recomendations to survive a day in holland ;)

It has been four years since I was ordered to go north :D

And I cannot take my own lunchbox like I used to because they would be uncomprending ; anyway I will plead milk allergy :P

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You guys holding the CanRoys?




Great divvies and payable in Loonies. They are heating up here.

I own PTF. Havent been in it long, I'm slightly up. I wish I had gotten into PGH awhile back when people were recommending it near 12. But I plan to buy it the next time it takes a big pullback.

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