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Toilet creature shocks veteran plumber

By John Schneider at www.lsj.com

Published August 18, 2004



After 23 years as a plumber and pipe fitter for General Motors Corp., LuAnn Crim thought she had seen just about everything that could end up in a toilet.


Then came that recent Sunday morning and a brand-new discovery ...


Crim was in the bathroom at her home in Perrinton, north of St. Johns. She had just combed her hair, applied a dab of lipstick and was adding a little eye makeup, when the water in a nearby toilet sloshed.


"That shouldn't be happening," Crim said to herself.


As if in reply, the water sloshed again.


"I looked in there," Crim wrote, "just as a very wet, bedraggled, dark-colored ANIMAL swam up out of the toilet trap and scrambled to get out."


Just before she screamed, Crim thought: Sewer rat.


Only later did it occur to her that her house isn't connected to any sewer; it uses a septic system.


But at the moment when the toilet creature was struggling to join Crim in her bathroom she wasn't thinking clearly.


"I screamed again," she wrote. "And again."


A live one


Then Crim slammed the lid, sought out her husband and told him there was a live animal in their toilet.


Animal, yes; rat, no. Crim's husband took a quick look and determined it was a red squirrel. Red squirrels are smaller than gray squirrels. This one, Crim said, was about 8 inches long.


Employing a bucket, a butterfly net and a serving tray, the Crims extracted the squirrel and released it outdoors.


"He will probably be in squirrel therapy for a lonnnggg time," Crim wrote.


They were then left to deal with the question of how the squirrel got into their toilet in the first place.


The investigation quickly led to a 3-inch PVC vent pipe that went from the toilet's drain to the roof of the house.


It didn't have a cap on it.


It does now.



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Red-Squirrel..jpg

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . www.wildfox.dabsol.co.uk

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KKD getting crushed...........


FRED unable to produce Yearnings report this morning.........


TASR looks set to take off on a TZOO Boner Run............


Gold on the move................


Crude near support at $42

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All eyes across the globe glued to the 50DMA on the s and p as Alexis once again on Crapvision, giving the world a lesson on TA.

All computers set in unison. As Mark said last night software has been developed to allow the hedge funds to recognize the games 990n plays. One day soon things will not go according to script.

Watch the robots follow each other over a cliff when this dangerous game of chicken collides causing a cascading sell program even 990n will be unable to stop.

Its coming.

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Glad's opening seems particularly appropriate for Yobob's and my birthdays today. You can tell astrology works, because of how our personalities are totally similar.



(Note to astro friends: I know that it depends on our exact time and place of birth too)

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happy birthday drano & darwin !


windy, one fantastic piece in M2M last evening.


mh, i get my dose of hilarity daily observing your exchanges with bare.


lld, thanks for your kind words.


there's a disturbance in the farce, let's se if $42 crude is a thing of the past soon.


hyperinflation to collapse, or just pass go, we shall see.


best to faithfull @ capitalstool.

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