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Hey Maxxi, thanks for telling me the trick about the Swedish index. Seems to me that it's similar to Helsinki (Nokia) and Toronto (Nortel).


I got interested in Sweden, because of the KRONA. Do you have any outlook on that? And maybe a chart.

Sure thing :)


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......Today is google day......google day........day........




Already have an order in to buy it on the open!


NOT :lol:

I knew that Maxxi. :)


BTW, nobody has a clue what they're gonna do with that 1.6 bio, or whatever. Probably, just sit on it and return it later to shareholders like MiniSoft.

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Courtesy of Bob Carver:


The US Dollar Index continues to build a base for a big rally. This next one is likely to break above the downtrendline that stopped it on the last rally. The latest sentiment figures from WhisperNumber.com indicate the crowd is bearish the dollar. This sets up the preconditions for a big dollar rally and the buying power of a lot of bears rushing to cover their short positions.


This next rally should retest the 92-93 level at the very least, and has an outside chance to reach par (100). And, if normal relationships hold, it should do major price damage to the US Dollar price of Gold and US gold shares. The jury is out on that one, but we won't be the first to proclaim, "It's different this time!" Historically, a rising US Dollar will coincide with a falling price of gold in dollars. Of course, if the price of gold is rising in a foreign currency, it would benefit gold companies who reside in (and pay bills in) that foreign currency. A good example is the South African Rand and the South African gold mining shares (Harmony, for instance), where the Rand has fallen versus the dollar, causing the price of gold in Rands to rise and boosting the profits of gold companies in that country. So, for instance, if the Canadian Dollar falls hard (as we expect it will), the prices of Canadian gold mining companies are likely to rise as long as the price of gold in Canadian dollars rises. If the price of gold in Canadian Dollars falls, then you don't want to continue holding Canadian gold mining shares.


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