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I know this is a little off topic tonight. Anyway this place is about trying to stay ahead of the Bogeyman right? If any of you have kids I think it's really important to impress upon them the importance of saving money. Old friend told me to try to save at least 15% of your gross income and start as early as you start working. How early could we all have retired if we had done that? Impress the idea of compounding on your kids. Print out the article on Richard Rusell's website about compounding money and the importance of starting early. Maybe just as important is to find something you can't wait to get after every day. That requires getting out of bed. I know this site be fraught with dirty old men. :D

Hey! I resemble that remark! :rolleyes: :D

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This tells me that indeed, fundamentals ARE important and should be consulted along with TA. This chart is signalling that there will probably be no more rate hikes this year and that the dollar is headed DOWN not UP.

I agree.

Thanks for your posts. Please keep them coming.



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I would like to insert a chart in here and assert once again that there is no Gold Bull and never has been. If gold were in a bull market in its own right it would be moving up against fiat currencies ... all fiat currencies. It is not. It is moving up against the US dollar and the US dollar is moving down against the Euro and over many timeframes gold is going nowhere aginst the Euro. The same is true for the Zow it just has more leverage. So basically most of your TA could be focussed on the Euros performance against the $ as to whether it would be a good time to buy almost any basket of gold stocks. If your TA leads you to believe Euro GOING UP then restrict your stock analysis to the high beta miners as they will outperform. If the Euro is GOING DOWN then get short or get out. You can see from the chart that one could have done as well by simply buying Euro contracts or switching from a US denominated deposit to a US$ as with gold stocks (again over many timeframes).


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