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B4 the Bell, Toozleday Aug 10, 2004

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"Fox & Friend" this a.m.:


Osama & Co. making videotapes in Las Vegas. Streets, casino facades.


Insinuated: Vegas local authorities have been hushing this up to avoid freaking out the tourists.


Hey, what happens here stays here, right?


Look out for the really tall guy with the beard, the turban, and the Kalashnikov at the roulette wheel.

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What a disaster.


I weep for the future.


No one ever raises a peep as Big Brother tightens His grip.

How can anyone who is brainwashed with psychologigal warfare techniques

and brain-dead ever raise a peep?


Sheeple are busy being 'entertained' al la Goebbles and Roman Circuses. This MO

has a long enduring history.

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Guest yobob1

The effective fed funds rate now at 1.44, so it indeed appears as though Al must raise it or risk disappointing the mooing crowd. Their statement should read as follows: We raised rates because everyone was expecting us to. However the economy seems to be on the verge of tanking so raising rates will only accelerate that process. Everyone must now hold hands and buy another SUV and a vacation home.

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Anybody got any hints on the DROOY action?


Looks to me like a criminal stop clearing move prior to a ramp job.

I don't, but jickiss said just a couple of nights ago on M2M that after that long-standing gap above $2.00 is closed, DROOY would be a monster buy.


The gap he's referring to happened in Feb. 2002 -- visible on a 3-year chart.


It's kind of weird and cool that a 30-month old gap got closed, just a couple of days after he mentioned it ...

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