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Here are six charts of the USD/SEK.


I'm trying to determine when the best time will

be to repatriate U.S. dollars to Swedish Kronas.


Any thoughts are much appreciated.


1) Broke out of a symmetrical triangle and has now come back to the apex/breakout point.


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5) We jumped the falling downtrend and came back to retest. That's a sign of strength. It looks like what used to be resistance is now support.


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Maxi, On a gut level, I'd say right now. The dollar is poised to go one to one with the Canadian dollar, in the next couple of years, if the liberals are reelected. The fed is going to say whether they raise key interest rate today. If they just raise it a tiny bit or not at all, the dollar will probably plummet against other fiat currencies, at least for the short term. Is the krona backed by gold?

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I think there is a fairly good chance we have seen the lows on the dollar and am on the verge of becoming long term bullish. As such I believe we could see at least 11 on the SEK within the next 3-5 years.


Nearer term I see resistance at around 8.30-8.60.


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