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Weakends Are Made For Labats Blue

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My employer Air Canada just got hit with some very bad news yesterday.

LockDown : I empathise for you and if you were in Houston, I'd take you out for a beer ;)


My only concellation is that I've survved a few cutbacks and the collegues who got laid off, ended up with much better positions. The training and experience was a bonus to emplying companies. Of course, you will not get the seniority but nothing can be done about that.

I appreciate your thoughts. Thankyou. This is about the last thing I need right now. If things do unravel in two weeks the only opportunities are in the middle east and thats the last place I want to be with the present geopolitical situation.




Great to see you dropped by..

What is your take on this shocking end to debt inflation?

I have been thrown into a state of hopeless confusion trying to figure out

what they are up to. If yields keep climbing the biggest bubble the world has

ever seen, bonds, will unwind very quickly. I ask again. Why here? Why now? What is to be gained by the temporary euphoria generated by one leaked and totally bogus

employment report. The only thing that really counts is the debt market so why is it being sacrificed.

I still think this is the most telling event in years. If Im wrong I will burn every market related textbook Ive read and never mess with the matrix again. :ph34r:

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Re the Ten Year Yield chart:


It was trading in a range from 40-45. It's presently back in that range.

THEY needed to incent another round of refi-madness, so THEY ran it below the trading range to accomplish that goal, and now THEY have it back up into the range where THEY once again hope to manage it sideways. THEY are quite content to see speculators lose their ass with sudden market moves such as this one, since that is how THEY are planning to keep the bubble in check...by whipsawing the piss out of the most leveraged speculators.


If you see this chart hit 47 and blow through it...THEY have lost control. I rather think we will see THEM manage this in the 40-45 range for a time until it serves them to do something else. Clearly, jobs number drive this chart, and THEY make up these numbers to move this chart however THEY choose.

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If THEY are going to manage the 10 year THEY will need some help.

If Japan really has bailed where is the help going to come from?

The gang of 22? I dont think they are in such a good mood these days after being whoopsawed to death in the last few months as Doc has pointed out.

The bond is the biggest plate to keep spinning. Especially against a plunging clownbuck. Who will be buying at this weeks auctions? That will tell all and give us a very good sense as to the direction of equities.

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