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"Act Like Adults And Say No"


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Hello Bear


Bearman was out in the real world last wk.


The one where money talks and B.S. walks :lol:


Lots of walking out there.


I was amazed to see TRANS did not confirm DOW rally :shocked


Trans needed to close over 3038.15 :lol:


No Ticky No Laundry :lol:


Cash is KING :lol:


Tic ToK Tic Tok

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Guest bullseatshitndie
Looks like real strong morning......will watch afternoon closely

for SIGNS.............Looking for 10660 area in DOW to stall.....


Weak close today in indexs will be TELLING.


Might have to wasit til tomorrow though. Maybe never stop going up

and we find out we died and went to Heaven..............................


BUT...I think money Heaven coming soon.

i was expecting/waiting for 10660 to add, up near top daily boll band. well, this weakness is making this interesting.

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Chirp .. Chirp ... Chirp ...



Hey! Lookit how impressed the markets are with the 25bp cut!





The BoC is so stupid that they make the Fed look like Pulitzer Prize winning astrophysicists. Look at their policy decisions last year- a complete absence of method, logic, consistency or theme. The market expected at least 25 bps, most shills calling for up to 75 bps. What a joke.

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Ahhhh...I couldn't help myself.


Went long a bunch of miners this a.m.


Now wondering if these are day trades or part of my core.


GG at 14.04

GSS at 5.55

DROOPY at 3.60


Gold isn't going down like I thoght. It's showing real strength.

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