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"Could it be different this time?"


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Another gift yesterday on the metals markets. I took advantage and bought some silver calls on sale with lots of time left. There is no attempt to hide the manipulation taking place with increasing frequency as multiple "lines in the sand" continue to be crossed. James Sinclair has been all over this activity as of late. For anyone out there that isnt familiar with his work his web site is at






A reward is now being offeresd to bring these paper pushers to justice...


"Today's market action had the earmarks of coordinated action between gold sellers who transacted on the NY Comex Exchange. If true, that would be a crime in New York State regardless of where on earth the order comes from. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer are you listening?


I have a contact who asked me to inform the Gold Community that he will pay a reward of $US50,000 in gold coins for hard evidence of commercial dealers conspiring to launch actions such as we have seen today. I will personally guarantee his payment"....more Thank you James Sinclair.

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the govt refuses to let the mkt find its clearing level. Just makes it that much worse, but I guess the central planners feel the need to justify their existence.

Soup - govts got no choice but to intervene. They made the classic error (once again ...what's that saying...those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it) of allowing a massive bubble to develop and burst.


And for that gross incompetence and negligence W kept Grandpa Al at the helm of the ship.


Now they are scrambling to keep it together...and they will do whatever it takes...until it collapses under its own weight.

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