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"Could it be different this time?"


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Dick Hooey looks a lot like Bernie "O Canada" Ebbers.


He says there is no inflation.


Attn: ?Dick Hooey


Please interpret this chart:

Hooey is an idiot .... trumped only by that bald headed Martian whose name escapes me right now....

You must be referring to Bob "Mr. Clean" Froehlich.


His bald head gets shinier as he gets more excited in this "new bull market".


Wouldn't it be funny if he were implicated in some type of Fund Scandal.......

Yup, that's him.....what a huckster...


In addition to being implicated in a Fund Scandal, I'd pay good money to see him implicated along with Hooey in playing Elf Games in the Crapvision waiting room...

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oops got that wrong CPI was 0.0%, core CPI was 0.2%. How does the inflation rise as more things are excluded you ask? I have no idea.



What world are these guys living in?


Well, assuming we take them at face value, here's how it breaks down.


Over the same period the PPI was UP. Thus producers are paying more for inputs.


CPI measures prices paid at the consumer level (outputs).


Ergo, profits (outputs-inputs) are going to get hammered and stocks should treat this news with some concern.


Or not.

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Yesterday was Pamplona, the running of the bulls. Today of course will see the bears scurrying off in to the woods. Rinse and repeat. I can't wait to see what kind of turkey they have cooked up for next week.


Machinehead, you can hump Krudlow and Cramit in the parking lot if you like, but personally I wouldn't touch either with a 10 foot dildo. Oh sorry you said jump. :lol:

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Got gold in China today .... ?? :shocked



Bank of China Opens Gold Trade to Individuals


SHANGHAI, Nov 18 Asia Pulse - The Bank of China (BOC), one of the four big state banks of China, today opened gold trade services to Chinese individuals here.


Individual investors can now trade the precious metal at 95 business outlets of the BOC Shanghai Branch, or dial 95566 to make transactions or on-line trading at www.sh.bank-of-china.com.


To encourage more individuals to participate in the gold trade, the BOC set 10 grams of gold as the lower limit for trade.


Shanghai was a trading center for gold in the 1930s and 1940s. China set up a gold exchange in the city one year ago, ending more than 50 years of government monopoly over the gold market in China.


Gu Wenshuo, an official with the Shanghai Gold Exchange, the only gold transaction market in China, said opening of the gold market would boost consumption of gold and private investment in China.


Against the backdrop of gloomy stock and securities markets, trading in gold was expected to become an important investment arena for Chinese individuals, Gu said.


The other three state banks, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Construction Bank of China and the Agricultural Bank of China have stepped up their preparations for launching gold trading.


Last year, the three banks launched eight new gold services, including retail sales of gold.

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Why OTB, how very THOTFUL of yew to restrain yourself!!! :lol:


We wouldn't want to tax anyone's ATTENTION SPAN around here, WOULD WE???


:lol: :lol: :lol: :P :P :P :lol: :lol: :lol:


Besides, the R's are LOWERING taxes!!!


You don't suppose that's why they've put a limit on post length here, do ya?


oh. it's ROGERS, SNOT "Rodgers".

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SEASONAL PATTERNS 1971-2002{STRONG UP DAYS FOR NOVEMBER}.... Nov24th --83%, Nov25th--76%, Nov26th--74%, Day before Thanksgiving[this yr Nov 26th--81%], Day after Thanksgiving[this yr Nov 28th--87%]..........all I can say is Wow!!

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Tice appearing on El Crapovision has been a reliable contrary indicator for years now. Whenever they plan to bone up the indices they trot him out just before doing so to discredit bears. This is nothing more than social engineering and Pavlovian conditioning. With very few exceptions everytime he appears they make sure he is wrong.

Empirically dead on. Doug Kass too...EVERY TIME...until he recently drank his Hey KoolAid!.

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