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PMS Daily Digger For THORSday October 2, 2003

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Well, it is in Paint shop pro - that is it's 76 degrees clockwise from 0 to your left - how about 3 minutes to midnight.  It's drawn at 346 degrees clockwise in that deadchart.


Maybe I should get my protractor and put it on the screen.

No no no... what I'm talking about is periodicity and angles. Gann was big on the 1:1==45 degrees concept. Trouble is, where to base one unit of time's price equivilent to derive 45 degrees as interpreted so that it translates consistently with his (or anyone elses) theory of anglular importance.


I don't want to drag a dead horse around. I know that, regardless of translatable angles, if a 'said' angle works for a 'said' purpose on a 'said' chart then you're soup and all's well. I'm just trying to figure out how people derive their angles. If you want to do a Gann fan (the proper way) then an accurate and translatable 45 degrees is important... etc.. etc..


Anyway, nothing to be concerned about and it doesn't stop me from charting according to what 'looks' right (often it works that if it looks like a horse, walks like a horse, etc., then it is a horse). Was just curious as to your take or if you'd found the grail or anything.


I see others, such as Rich, for example, do fans and these same questions go through my head. Perhaps I'm seeking perfection where none exists.


Have an apple *crunch!* :)

speaketh 7 not sucinct 11... hahahahahaha

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If you are looking for a longer term (ie Everbank CD ) play - I recommend NZD. - trade balance about even, healthy, balanced economy (unlike ours), and Central bank does not have the spare cash to intervene. Also highest current interest rate of the AAA currencies. Similar rec for NOK, for similar reasons. Longer term, oil revenue will keep them healthy.

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