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The New BearZone Stool Monthly - September 2003


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Looks like a lot of momemtum to the downside. And could very well just keep going down.....but probably will get a corrective retrace somewhere... So, when momo pawes, then look for a reversal bounce up .... MARK IT,.... the fibonacci retrace will tell a lot about the Bears strength... If the fib retrace is one of the smaller % levels consider it a gift for the Bears.. timeframe? many are watching the daily.


Or course no knows for sure..... I prefer to play what if sceanarios, You know, if the market does this then do that.


Want a guess? Naz support... 1776, then fib retrace.... But if Naz goes lower, maybe 1750 ?the fib retraces change.... well you get the idea.......so again watch for a confirmed low.( short term)




I have abosolutely no idea what the market will do.......

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