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It's Not Your Money


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"The [supreme] Court ... ruled that individuals paying Social Security taxes do not acquire any property or contractual rights as they would in an insurance or annuity plan.


"Social Security, contrary to representations by politicians, is nothing but a tax and welfare scheme masquerading as a retirement program.


"In fact, if you woke up tomorrow morning and heard that Social Security had been abolished, you would not have any legal claim for promised benefits."


Cash cow, for now

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It should be everyone's goal to make more than the Social Security cap. That's the officially defined poverty line.


One of the ugliest features of the 1993 Clinton tax increase is that they uncapped the Medicare portion of FICA (2.9%, I believe). No matter. Medicare is still hopelessly bankrupt, and will blow out before Social Security does.

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Which brings up another issue I've touched on before. What is the minimum wage all about? Let's face it, nobody can live on the $5.15 an hour that is called the minimum wage, except those of us who are self employed of course. :P All the government is doing is setting a "floor" for their collections of taxes. So the next time the government wants to increase the minimum wage, don't get all teary eyed and kiss the ground our compassionate legislators float above. They don't give a rat's ass about your income or the guy who is flipping the burgers, all they are really thinking about is the additional revenue (15.6%) an additional dollar in minimum wage rakes in. And if they're real lucky it will bump wages up the chain aways and further enchance their plunder. Revolution is the solution because the ballot box is broken. Let us pray for a Rhode Island sized comet to drop on Washington DC...while they're in session of course.


Jeeze Drano, now you probably won't read web pages that have the Idaho Flag on them either.

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I'm trying to remember what TV show recently had a bunch of people cheering:


"I -- da -- HO


I -- da -- HO


I -- da -- HO!"


David Letterman, maybe?


Needless to say, I found it amusing when they zoomed in on young women screaming about how they were da HO.


And your potatoes are the best too. :grin:

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Just for info, the Sierra Times is published in Nevada. Its publisher, J.J. Johnson, is a black man from Louisiana. He's a southern partisan and strong defender of states' rights. Here's his take on Trent Lott:


Mississippi's First Black Senator


The Confederate flag, if you click the link, refers to H. K. Edgerton's march across the South.


March for Southern Heritage


H. K. Edgerton is a black man who ran for mayor of a North Carolina town last month under the Confederate banner. Symbols can mean different things to different people, sometimes in surprising ways.

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In addition to the regular doom of social security, there is now a proposal to allow mexican workers who are or were in our country illegally to collect benefits while they are in mexixo:


Washington Post article




From the article:


The GOP aide said Mexican officials would also like benefits to be adjusted upward for a legal Mexican worker who worked in the United States for some time illegally and paid into the Social Security system using a false Social Security number. Gabriela Lemus, director of policy and legislation for the League of United Latin American Citizens, said as much as $21 billion in Social Security payments have not been tracked to potential beneficiaries, most likely because they were paid under a false Social Security number.


WTF?? As MH just wrote:


The [supreme] Court ... ruled that individuals paying Social Security taxes do not acquire any property or contractual rights as they would in an insurance or annuity plan.


Legal workers have no rights, but illegal workers do?


Why not just STOP calling it "Social Security." Let's rename it something more honest, like: "Another Tax Which Will Be Wasted on Totally Meaningless Shit That Has Absolutely No Bearing on Your Life." YTD Paystubs would then look like this:


Federal Withholding: $27,698.22

State Withholding: $8970.43


Gratuity: $3519.35

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