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BEAR on the LAM

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"We are still in the process of seeking to serve Mr. Guarino," says Rocell Cyrus of the CFTC. That preliminary injunction, when decided upon, could stop wallstreetunderground.org from posting Guarino?s radio rants. In the meantime, the "criminal rogue of Wall Street" is still out there broadcasting.


"That?s right, do you realize you?re listening to a criminal broadcast?" Guarino asked on May 19. "This is the forbidden broadcast. You might want to ask why. Well, I?m a criminal, and Wall Street will be sure to tell you about that. But what they?ll forget to mention to you is that criminals have made a lot of people very wealthy ..."


Mr. Dow 1000


Wrong, Mr. G. Criminals make themselves wealthy. What schnook doesn't know that?

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