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I bought MetaStock Pro, but I'm not familiar with these type of equity services. Can I use the Esignal offer to update Metastock charts, etc? IF SO, I'm in today.



The CoinGuy

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Barrick Gold Corp. And J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Accused by Blanchard and Company Of $2 Billion Illegal Gold Market Manipulation

12/18/2002 1:02:00 PM

I saw this earlier....




I was so shocked. My first thought was: Say it isn't so.


Someone important and trustworthy probably will, and then I will know everything is ok again....(another close call)

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If they lose "control" of Gold which it is beginning to look like the banking system will collapse or...


Or they will crash it on purpose...


That is the weakness of The fractional reserve system, it has a life cycle...


The FED can only determine how long the cycle lasts... but FIAT is not immortality


The only escape is to be able to produce gold out of thin air. But the FED is only able to create debt out of thin air.


The life cycle can not be stopped, we are dying and the FED will never prevent death. The jig is up. Death is very close but will the finger be pointed at the FED? Or it?s victims? Ha ha ha ha?


Nobody wants to believe, but soon there won't be any choice...

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