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After the Dollar Dies

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My friend is quite convinced that the whole movement is an odd type of American quasi-"religion", where religion is simply defined as belief in something that may not exist. ...


In my friend?s view of the matter, the movement is just large enough to allow for an undercurrent of mystery surrounding the whole matter throughout American society. ...


But for me, it is not sufficiently meritorious to be persuasive about the role of the ?Matrix?. I remain profoundly skeptical about the existence of this mythical organization outside the fairy tale land of the movie screen.

Hang on there Al - just because I happen to believe that the IMF is staffed by dimwitted weasels does not imply that I happen to think that they do not have plans and hopes and contingencies and such.


Make no mistake, these folks happen to have all manner of plans and, given the articles I could dredge up if I weren't so lazy, so does the FEED. In fact, I would consider them remiss if they did not have financial disaster recovery plans. The good news is they have the plans and preparations in place. The bad news is they have the plans in place and they suck.


In fact, it is also true that there are a large number of proponents both within and without the IMF that happen to believe that a single world currency and financial system is a dandy idea. And why not? Look at all the waste and inefficiency that results from currency gyrations. Completely unecessary and we'd all be better off if they were reduced or eliminated. Or so the reasoning goes.


So all we're arguing about is a metter of degree. You are claiming, via the UFO proxy, that since some outlandish concepts people believe in are bunk, therefore the concept of a ruling class within the IMF that seeks a world currency is also, ergo, bunk.


A spurious linkage to be sure, and one that is not borne out by published fact and common sense. Here's another of my rules of life - if I can think of something, hundreds of other people already have.


I can easily conceive of creating and driving a financial system towards a logical conclusion. I run a mini-version of this all the time with incentives and rewards as a normal course of business.


So I ask myself "if I wanted to push the world to a single currency, what steps would I take?". The answer is surprizingly similar to recent FEED and IMF actions. Hopelessly trap the world in a reserve currency then debase and ruin that currency. Simple really. Causitive proof? No way. Good enough for the empirical method to chalk one up in the "positive" column? You bet.


All I'm saying is that just because something seems sinister and nasty and therefore outlandish is no reason to a priori exclude the possibility.


My position is that I think there are people within the IMF who have a plan for a mssive, run-of-the-mill currency driven power grab (which, again, is nothing more sinister than the IMF weenies doing their jobs within a perverted incetive structure) it's just that the plan is flawed and will fail miserably due to hubris and unforseen consequences. [see also "Post-war Iraq"].

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....and Uncle Al, agent provocateur at the end of the strings controlled by the criminal bankers like IMF, Bank of England, BIS....and their subsidiary, the Federal Reserve.....surely aren't after a Yobobian Ayne Rand outcome.



.....nooooo, something wicked this way comes.... :blink:



.....and Al's job, first and foremost, seems to me, is to accelerate the process of the dollar's destruction....and in this respect, his masters truly must sing his praises.....they even gave him a knighthood.....Sir Printsalot. :lol:



.....commodities, like Chunky Soup, and other sound stores of wealth, are looking pretty good right about now.... :blink: :lol: :blink:



Machine, interesting comments on the Masonic 13...


....don't know anything about 'em, and funny enough, I bang rocks for a living, for the most part, as a stone mason in Whistler.....when I feel like it, or have to make some cash....I have spent the most part of my life 2 steps ahead of the hangman....sometimes barely....and the only masonic knowledge I know is that which was spray-painted on a railway box-car freshly returned from the U.S. The spray painting read:


Free Masons are evil.... :blink:



....from a personal observation, as a person born on the 7th day, my lucky days are usually on the 13th, and weird bizarre life-changing events seem to occur on the 7th....merely a personal observation.


Excellent review, I will have to read this book sometime...my curiosity is peeked...


....it makes some of my long-term charts have a bit of a different light as well....such as the entire post-'94 abomination the markets displayed, after Al the lizard king denied the bears a perfectly good market crash.....



....I wonder what stage the global currency manifestation will be when the Dow is down around the 2000 level, points, not year, lest there be some confusion, which, at around the half-way point of the '87 crash, looks to me like a good target zone for donging some quality prospects that may survive the mayhem....just have to beat the wanker bankers to the best deals to be had...




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I agree.


Considering the number of posters who believe in astrology and actually make trading decisions based on the "stars", it's not surprising that many also believe in the existence of a global conspiracy, the contemporary Illuminati.


Never infer conspiracy for that which can be explained by simple stupidity.

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Props to machinehead for opening this thread with an inspired literary review.


For what it's worth, I'm with Alceringa. The 'matrix' angle is overplayed. True enough, those in power have a vested interest in collaborating to retain their power. Coalitions can amplify and preserve power. History is littered with alliances designed to do just that.


But power always pyramids. At any level within the pyramidal structure there is an unrelenting battle among those who seek more power. The perpetual conflict between flawed mortals like you and me leads inevitably to fragmentation and weakening of the edifice. Those who consolidate power never manage to keep it consolidated. Their enemies see to that, and even if they stave off their enemies repeatedly the leaders eventually succumb to their own weakness and die.


People who hypothesize the existence of powerful conspirators exercising de facto control of the world fail to recognize these dynamics. The fantasy of sitting atop a global imperium has appealed to many a megalomaniac, but we are a long way from anything resembling that. I'm afraid that like those who postulate the existence of god(s) to explain what they cannot understand, many people seek answers in the existence of a supernatural league of evildoers. It's the Rothschilds, or the Bilderberg Group, or the cartel of central banks, or the huge multinational corporations, or the robotic Japanese, or the inscrutable Chinese, or . . .


If you ask me, it's primarily the stuff of imagination fed by sensationalist writers and motion picture directors working a susceptible audience for fun and profit.

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MH, sounds like a great book.


As for the last two chapters, don't forget that the more humans try to control their surroundings, the less control they ultimately gain. Control freaks can only maintain control for a certain amount of time...then things fall apart...as in the widening gyres of W.B. Yeats' "Second Coming."


You fellows should keep in mind that "The Matrix" is merely a metaphor. As someone in the thread already observed, it has to do with the utter control that machines/technology are taking in our lives. It has to do with a society(American) of sleepy heads...who love pleasure/gratification over everything, and are willing to be enslaved in order to pursue their obsessions. The "Matrix" is NOT the nickname for a global conspiracy. Not in my opinion, anyway.


The aim of the IMF/World Bank/Gobalists is to enslave the population of the planet. That's my opinion as well. But those folks wouldn't call it enslavement. They probably see themselves as visionaries leading the human race out of the poverty and vicious bloodbaths in which they are currently embroiled. The petty border squabbles. The starvation and misery. They probably see themselves as philanthropists because they have a vision to end all the suffering. Like all control freaks--also known as unrecovered Al-Anons--they don't see the inevitable problems their schemes and plans will produce. As things have been in the past...so shall they be again. All their aims will end in World War III. 3-4 billion dead. Nuclear destruction. When all their plans and schemes go awry, massive death will be the result.


And then...humans will begin the process all over again. We (the species) will demonstrate our inability to learn a damned thing from the past.

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Alceringa, As I've pointed out in length in other threads, the tabloids are used as a means to control the opinions of the intellectual elite. Your friend's reactions are part of a successful social engineering process that began many years ago. The debunking effort, using the media, was so effective it didn't need to be micro managed, it just took on a life of its own and ran itself. Generoso Pope, the fellow who started the National Enquirer, was employed by the CIA, in psychological ops for two years just prior to purchasing the tabloid.


Printing credible stories alongside blatant nonsense frames the entire UFO in a comical way, and sucks in "sophisticated thinkers" like your friends. As for the quasi religious elements,they are definitely there, that's true, but the issue embraces many sociological, psychological, phenomena, and cannot be viewed as a "perfect example" of any one of them.


Ufos impose a an abrupt shift in mode on the mental assumptions and preoccupations of the collective psyche. This is exactly what the punchline of a joke does to the individual psyche. This in no way automatically makes the punchline untrue, the laughter is a nervous response to rapid and unexpected paradigm shift.


To understand the phenonomenon one has to understand humour-- what it is --and how it has been used. It's easy to set up a debunking program that works with human nature, rather than against it. Those who take the subject seriously, and look at it scientifically, always aware they are a part of (not the detached observer), the scientific process, will have the last laugh.


But this is beside the point!


Machinehead, What a masterpiece. You should write your own book! Seriously. Have you ever thought of it?


Again, we have people logging on expressing a sincere disdain for the idea that anyone could have planned such a thing. Oh, how evil and stupidity work hand in hand, the Mutt and Jeff of conspiracy. Throw in a dash of brilliance at the very top, and you have a recipe for another social engineering program that will eventually run itself. Once people are conditioned to the idea that there is no other way out, except that the IMF take over, it becomes more of a liklihood. This book is, no doubt, the first in a series in that conditioning process.


Sphinxter, I think the fact that the game has been going on for thirty years attests to its remarkable resiliency --the power of a set of assumptions. It's the power of prayer, working with the power of "positive thinking", a placebo acting on fundamental reality. As long as the bills appear to be paid, the cogs in the wheel keep grinding along, greased by illusion. When people start to wake from the dream, and the wheels start grinding to a halt, the powers that be are ready to replace one illusion with another. This book is a great example of this process. The game can go on much longer than you any of us can imagine.

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The Floating exchange rate debt backed by debt fractional reserve banking system or the matrix exists


Here's the basic program algorithm for the creation of all man made reality...


Start {Of slavery}

100 Inflate Debt {Create new DEBT encourage slaves to consume beyond means}

200 IF Compound Interest payment <= New DEBT Creation then goto 100 else goto 300

300 Deflate Old Debt {Default on or Reduce Interest rate refinance/remove/reduce barriers}

400 If New Debt Creation = 0 goto 600

500 IF Compound Interest payment on existing Debt > New DEBT Creation then goto 300 else goto 100

600 "Bank"ruptcy

700 Consolidate power over slaves?

800 Go to 100

End. {of slavery}


The program never ends until the slaves refuse to take part and destroy the mechanism?


The system is the cause when you open your eyes in the morning that is the effect.


The rulers are composed of groups that are all working towards a goal of ruling the world but like every other time in the past when the ultimate goal is in reach the whole thing falls apart due to the fact that the various groups begin fighting each other for supremacy?It all looks good on paper at the time of conception but once the grim realities begin showing up hard decisions and sacrifice are called for and since the groups are working together to avoid hard decisions and sacrifice everything falls apart when sudden death overtime is in play.


The banking group hides behind the ignorance of the program mechanics and will only take action if the program is threatened by the slaves which include all the other groups?once the smoke clears and order returns they resume the game?of divide and conquer?with the new groups that replace the old ones which are destroyed or have self destructed?


This has been going on for 100?s and on a more crude level for 1000's of years now.


The most recent threat to the banking group was the declaration of independance and the creation of the Constitution of the United States...They have been chiseling away at it for close 227 years and it is basically gone...It is just an abstract figment of the collective imagination at this point.


If you don't belive in the matrix...good, that's the plan. very few people comprehend it as I do the slaves will be to preoccupied dealing with the effects to ever have the courage to combat the cause...or even comprehend what the cause is...The masses will gladly burn the constitution in the end... or will it be defended? I doubt it at this point.


The coming collapse will be the final blow...The resisters will be hunted down and exicuted...

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And thus, the only adjustment mechanism in the dollar standard is the ultimate bankruptcy of the U.S. government -- i.e., its inability to service its debt, when Treasury debt eventually soars to some nightmarish, unthinkable multiple of GDP.


The dollar standard has careened along for three decades, leaving a trail of wreckage in its wake. But the ultimate sanction -- U.S. government insolvency -- is nowhere close to putting a brake on it. Duncan makes crystal clear that the worldwide bubble of the dollar standard is the granddaddy of ALL the bubbles in ALL the countries ... the stock, bond, dot-com, property, GSE bubbles; you name it -- all of them. And he leaves little doubt that the dollar bubble is probably the greatest, most disastrous folly in the history of human civilization.

Machine I think you've hit something here. Isn't it something how the buy-side of Wall Street gradually talked itself ("buy-and-hold, stocks always go up in the long run, Fed model") into creating a big enough "sink" for all the dollars the Fed "source" can pump out? The institutional investment industry that never net-sells anything. It's just one giant packrat. As such, this stock market rally cannot end until the dollar reserve system dies :D . The further this rally goes, the deeper the hook is set. Amazing how systems adapt to new stimuli - gushers of liquidity make their own places to pool.

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There is a "heart-warming" final moment in your average television drama or sitcom, in which problems or misunderstandings of the past hour or half-hour are happily resolved. It?s usually a treacly affirmation of the value of either friendship or family. I?m informed this kind of denouement is referred to by the creative minds involved in television production as "The Moment of Shit."


Sounds to me like The Dollar Crisis, expertly reviewed by MH, has its own Moment of Shit tagged on, a heartwarming finale in which the International Mammary Fund suckles the planetary community into perpetuity.


What a laff-riot resolution. The distinclty unfunny IMF and World Bank leans on Third World nations with a Sopranos-like mix of bad loans, engineered debt, and structural adjustment ? and this author has the gall to say the former is the deus ex machina windup to several season?s worth of bad plotting. Talk about ?jumping the shark?!

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I think you are all too correct. Vision of conspiritorial ends does not bequeath the abilities and omniciense (omipitence?) to carry out that vision in any practical means when all is collapsing around. The problem with conspiracy theories on a macro scale is that people aren't smart enough and capable enough to forsee the whole end game.


Collapse of comand economies is an inevitability no matter how clever the people are who run them. What are macro conspiracies other than command strategies in themselves doomed to collapse.


The reality is that in the flux of chaos that results when systems collapse and reorganize there are key tipping points that can be taken advantage of. These tipping points are seen by few and usually only shortly before they are possible. Those few are not the ones esconsed within the planning of the matrix. They are on the sidelines (sometimes from within the matrix) watching. They step up and exert their personal influence and inspiration and get lucky. Many others that see the same tipping points try at the same time but are not lucky and fail. After the fact the lucky ones seem self evident and brilliant and add lustre to the conspiracy theories.


I believe some people and some ideas are just lucky, brave, and in the right place. That is how most dictators get their shot (the old ones or unlucky ones are just shot).

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You fellows should keep in mind that "The Matrix" is merely a metaphor.

Exactly. View it as you wish. It could be an elite conspiracy. Or it could be simply the "beehive effect" of people with similar interests, coordinating instinctively to achieve their goals. (If you've ever attended a political or interest group meeting, you have an accurate idea of the group's views before anyone opens their mouth. You know what to do.)


Either way, it's not the central point. The IMF wants to resurrect SDR's, whether in a smoke-filled room in Davos, or via global town meetings.


I still wonder whether the squishy 'policy response' chapters in The Dollar Crisis were the price the World Bank exacted for letting Duncan publish his book. If those are really his views, he's still a brilliant leftie economist.


Another brilliant leftie economist, Michael Hudson, is interviewed here:


Michael Hudson interview


Hudson is writing his own book, titled Super Imperialism: The Origin and Fundamentals of U.S. World Dominance. Despite being handicapped by a quasi-marxist frame of reference, his analysis is wide-ranging and original, and reaches sound conclusions. Hudson's views on global liquidity eerily parallel those of Duncan:


"A new kind of circular flow seemed to have been created--not Say's Law of Markets ...


"The new circular flow was to have Europe and Asia recycle the U.S. payments deficit to finance the budget deficit, so that Americans didn't have to save money any more. They could spend what they had, and let foreign central [banks] do the saving.


"This was not really getting the government out of economic affairs, of course. It put European and Asian governments right in the middle of the new kind of circular flow. In the process, of course, the U.S. Government was running up an unprecedented and unsustainable debt to foreign governments, or at least to their central banks."


What I choke on is Hudson's agenda of "public control of the monetary system." He claims that colonial continental currency (as in "not worth a continental") was a victim of British counterfeiting. He asserts (for reasons that aren't explained) that Civil War greenbacks were a smashing success. But most incredibly of all, his colleague's book allegedly demonstrates that -


"Germany's hyperinflation of the 1920s was aggravated by the Reichsbank lending credit to private speculators betting against the German mark. He thus turns the tables on the privatizers by showing that their anti-government views rest on a false mythology."


Lawwwsy muhcy Hallelujah, I done seen the light! Dem evil speculators wuz doin' de debbil's own handiwork! And dey houndin' my ol' Uncle Al too, I 'spect.


Seriously though, set aside the collectivist ideology, and both Duncan and Hudson offer some piercing insights into the way the world economy works ... and what's going to happen next. If the left keeps producing scholars like these, they really will take over the world.


p.s. Short 'Em High - the University of Arkansas Mechanical Engineering Dept. is not responsible for my warped mind. There were some subversive books in the library though ... Les Fleurs du Mal ...

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So true, Fumets. And I add that those who survive and prosper through the kind of massive reorganization this thread seems to be talking about have another quality in common: they tend to be nimble. They probably havn't invested themselves completely in the previous system, or if they have they've left a number of "back doors" available. And they probably tend to be the kind of people who don't cling too tight to any one ideology. Opportunist is the most accurate descriptor, perhaps.


We humans tend to think of ourselves in a so much-more-complex manner than we think of the other species on the planet. But in a macro sense, our paths are very similar to others, I think. The systems and their attendant forces that propel us through history are as much out of our control as they are for chimpanzes. It's the opportunists of a species (through genetics combined with dumb luck) that move that push that species into the future (or not).


I had a great psych. prof in college who claimed that the ONLY expanation for human's dominance on the planet was a genetic mistake: the large brain of humans was due to a mutation, and that the brain of other species was as they should be; simply another organ to function in the survival (nervous system function) of that species. Most organs excrete a by-product while fulfilling their function (liver: bile, kidney: urine etc.) The brain, as it performs it's primary function of controlling the nervous system, excretes its by-product, which we humans think of as "thought" . Consequently, under this theory, all human endeavor is, has been, and will continue to be just so much "brain sh*t". The perfect evolutionary theory for Capitol Stool!


Great thread. Thanks Machinehead and all.

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