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"What's Beyond The Sky?"


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Interesting stuff today, did Uncle Al and his boyz get on the phone yesterday??


Lehman raises US Stock % in global portfolios

MSDW's Roach actually goes bullish? (what the hell?)

HPQ is upgraded, going to supercede IBM in services? uh-huh... how about in printer cartridges?


Definite bullcrap today, hope she rallies into close for a nice short position to take, merry friggin xmas for me if so

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From Stephen Roach (LT Bear) this morning, I think the smelling salts from Greenspan got to him, coupled with the crack pipe hit he took... did they drug him yesterday?


a full-scale frontal assault on the perils of deflation by the world?s major monetary and fiscal authorities. This is precisely the type of ammunition that has spurred major recoveries in the global economy in the past. Add in the possibility of a quick and "clean" war in Iraq and it?s easy to see financial markets drawing considerable sustenance from the reflation trade. Stocks would rally on the hopes of a powerful revival in GDP growth and earnings, and bonds -- especially sovereign debt -- would correct sharply under the presumption of a return to inflation. The Teflon-like dollar would probably hold its own during the euphoric stages of any such rally.


A quick war?? how about 10 years war?? A never ending war?


A strong dollar? Are you nuts? With deficit spending the dollar will only weaken and our crack pipe addiction to foreign inflows will require paying them higher interest rates to hold their interest in buying our dollars.


More bearish signs everywhere, when Roach goes bullish... Abby Joseph is piping up again over the weekend, and Lehman ups US % allocations.... you gotta be a smiling bear

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PD: Got my 30 day trial started at Vector Vest. Do you trade the "stinky stocks to sell short" ?

Sometimes. Mostly I use my own strategy. I'm not doing a portfolio from either strategy yet until after the New Year and all this year-end BS is behind us. Waiting for the momemtum to build and the short rosters to grow some more. PM me your email address and I can send you my strategy if you'd like.

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E wave update


A clear 5 waves down from last Thursday mornings high on the Nasdaq to Fridays closing low


This morning looks like A of a mini ABC rally... look for weakeness into the early afternoon, and a late afternoon surge would nicely complete the ABC today at around 1395 or so...


Which is when I will GO SHORT, for 5 more waves down to 1320

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