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"What's Beyond The Sky?"


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As expected, end of year tape paint and desperation rally now underway.


Strong pre-market opening bids on Supermodels is always a dead givaway for a 30+ point rally in the Nasdaq.


Notice how AskResearch stochastics and Money Flow near the bottom, staged to turn up until the end of the year.


AskResearch QQQ


Gold getting sold a little, probably a nice consolidation setting up.

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SG Chimes in


Many of you can read my elongated comments on the Look out Below board I have, Doc set it up over the weekend fwiw


That said


Futures look like a mini corrective wave up to me from Thur into this morning... Im in cash so I dont really care, covered Fri night on the lows at the close


Still see NDX gapping to 975 ish... this week.... if the rally is at all decent and into 1030 time frame this AM, I will re-enter my 200% QQQ short again...


Otherwise, sleeping for now...

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Other notes on GOLD


SG noticed the bullish wedge on the HUI, and a breakout to 150 was in the cards...


SG also noted last week that the numbers of commercial hedgers short gold and what not is very very high historically... and the numbers of small traders (the sheeple) going long is at its 4th highest in last 9 years right now.


So SG, although bullish LT on gold jr miners, believes profits should be taken or married puts purchased...


Just MO fwiw

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