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Meta (and other biotech experts/followers),


Can you comment on VXGN and GZBX?


Tanks muchly..

VXGN....needs to break past R line, then 6.31.

I dislike this company intensely; cheated on HIV study analysis.




GZBX needs to take out 3.90 on volume.



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:lol: :lol: faber and kernen were discussing FNM, FRE, etc and faber said all similar govt backed stuff was being questioned, then asked if there were implications for others outside govt. Suddenly he was holding his ear because the producer was yelling "wrap" in it so loudly. :lol:
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Guest bullseatshitndie

if es trades above 985-86, the mania will continue as every morning selloff will be bought. if a consolidation occurs between 986-980 until this afternoon, then 980 will have a chance to be broken in the afternoon. it's going to be a tough nut to crack.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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