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Kind of upset stoolies...


the IJ has options on 3 futures contracts at 325, Apr calls. Should be at least 5K value don't ya think?? (1000 ounces X 330-325). Nope, still valued at 1.5K per option. What gives?


Having said that, seems like easy money to pick up some more....hmmmmm....



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PD , naz vol peaked at 12:10 est, it was a fairly large supportive spike.... Like yesterday, the vol. call was correct, but look what we went through to get there, up, then the down. Several hours delay. Therefore it is not something to jump on right away, but gets one ready for a possible move.



spx & compx similiar now...... I would like to see the cmaps for confirmation....... this is just vol./sentiment ... want other indicators to sinch it.

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