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Red Underwear


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From yesterday's New York Post:


A pair of men's boxer shorts saved hundreds of lives. Nimai Das was relieving himself near the train tracks in Kopai, India, when he noticed that part of the track was missing and a train was approaching.


Das whipped off his red underpants and frantically waved them, catching the driver's attention. The train was stopped just a few feet from the broken track, preventing a tragedy that could have killed hundreds on board.

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ano- Brilliant as usual. Last night, I had the idea of calling it StoolieSignal or StooleSignal, something along those lines.





Uncle Buck and the Golden Stool. Is today the day?

stoolie would fit better on the sign, i'll modify it when back from the unemployment office.


got an interview for a 32 hour/wk technology job at our air force base for tuesday.

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guten tag liebe stoolies!


what happend to the jobless claims? 441k ? :lol:


retail sales a bit better than expected but weaker than in october, didnt they all say, that nov is good shopping month because of zanks giffing? :lol:

current account more or less flat



do you have the price for e-signal? The lady with the sexy voice in london made me an offer, i should pay 1500 euros, if i pay for the whole year. :rolleyes:

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