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A Moment Of Awakening . . .


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wow- Many tanks, dd!


The 1 day cycle cmap has moved up a bit. It's at least 907.50 maybe a point or two more.


Amazingly, except for the opening selloff, the SPX is within the bounds of both last night's and this morning's revised cycle maps.

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Dont know where your short from, but that breakout on the daily chart from the consolidation going back to mid October of so would scare the crap out of me! Good luck and hope u entered somewhere up there around 37!

rock, short today from 31.00 on IVGN


should fill that gap tomorrow, if not today...



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Guest AssMaster

Anyone short VTSS should note the potential bullish inside up reversal candle setting up on that one. Same goes for AMAT and probably the other semis. I'm holding for now.


NT is on crack again, has filled it's gap at 2.

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MSFT.... did get an upgrade from Thomas Weasel this morning which *may* account for some of the strengh in the compx.


If/when BRCM holds above it's R-1 level I will move it's stop up to just below it's pee pee....... it is there now, I want to see it hold for 1/2 hour.... no fake out please.

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Fart: good point, I sold puts on cdwc shortly after the open, but after that news I did not expect it to much other than stagnate at lower levels. Incredible, so the fidos who ar elong all this crap, just goose the tape in hopes of postponing the day of reckoning. I guess it would be too much to ask for these funds to do any homework?

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Good job seamus. I think I've got the web-site flu many stoolies have had. Two kids home today. Wife just getting over it. While trying to purge my innerds, my buy alarms went off and I just couldn't get in stride. I'll take those little - low risk gains any day of the week - but I guess not today for me.

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