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A Moment Of Awakening . . .


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I have the question to many folks in many different ways, yet the answer to why this time is different, and why they will be able to magically turn a switch and reflate has never been answered.

Let me turn the question around. Are we playing for all the marbles? If they don't succed in reflating, how bad will it get? Desparate? Yes? That's why. They're desparate and Shrub's got more power than anyone since FDR on December 8.

Will it work? Maybe not. But it may be hard to tell the winners from the losers if it doesn't.

That said, I'm a bear.

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Guest AssMaster

Yah, I heard that. Probably retraces 50% of up move today, then fills the gap above this/next week on the news then sells off! Haha. I'm starting to understand how this works. :grin:


One other note on disk drive stocks such as Seagate, Maxtor and WDC. They cratered 2 years ahead of other tech stocks so may lead them up. To that end, I have heard a rumor that most disk drive makers are running at 100% capacity and are looking to add more capacity. Therefore, I am scaling into WDC, MXO, and STX. So my take is that they may lead the recovery in other tech by one or two years.

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stutz: With your mention of fdr, you are making my point. It did not work w/ fdr/hoover, in fact they made things much worse than they had to be. Time and liquidation are the only ways out.

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