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A Moment Of Awakening . . .


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The average American is addicted to excess and will applaud any manipulation as long as it adds to their pocketbook. Greenspan was a genius for arresting the 87 drop. Shrub will be replaced if he is unable to provide adequet excess consumption.


The notion that this thing has to correct before it can get better is a foreign concept and not acceptable to the average SM investor.

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I have the question to many folks in many different ways, yet the answer to why this time is different, and why they will be able to magically turn a switch and reflate has never been answered.

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Guest AssMaster

EDS just got borked on Crapvision and shot up to 19. Of course it will probably drop right back to where it started over the day. Any thoughts on it as a quickie short candidate? Of course there is that ominous overhead gap!

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