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Predicting the Future 6/24/24

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Regarding Nvidia:

Lately there were many articles on ordinary German newspapers with headlines like:

“missed Nvidia? Here are 5 stocks with similar oppportunities“

“Nvidia and the AI revolution“

and so on.

Nvidia is ALL OVER the place. I am NOT talking about stuff like stock msrket newspapers or such. I am talking about tabloids and common mass media newspapers, comparable with the NYT or the Wash Post.

I think last time I saw something like that was in March 2000.

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1 hour ago, fxfox said:

I‘m s bit confused: Wasn‘t Bill issuance besrish for stocks and Coupon payments bullsih? So the Coupons on June 28 and July 1 should support stocks, no?

Coupon issuance is short term bearish because it must be paid for. Bill paydowns are bullish because holders of the bills get cash back instead of rolling the bills over. 

Bill issuance (when it resumes) is also bullish because T-bills are synthetic money due to the fact that they can be, and usually are repoed without risk up to 97% of face value. 

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