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Better Late than Never 6/20/24

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40 minutes ago, DrStool said:

On balance, the reports have been bullish and support the bullish TA. Saying that liquidity wasn't bullish leaves a misimpression. They have been. 

Today's report said, "It's a similar story from the other drivers. There’s enough liquidity to keep the rally going for a bit longer. But the sands of time are falling to the bottom of the hourglass. Long for now, but not for long, looks like the watchword for this market. Tick tock."

I also have written repeatedly that liquidity establishes context but TA is for action. Liquidity forecasts tell us where to be on the alert for changes of trend.  A negative divergence isn't actionable in itself. It's an alert for change of trend ahead. It tells us that if the divergence isn't resolved and a turn happens, believe it. 

Thanks Doc. 🙂

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