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Breaking the Zero Line 5/1/24

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Anytime  oscillators hang around the zero line, the next move is likely to be explosive when they finally break away, one way or the other. 

Yesterday I warned about that and, "Sho Nuff" when the broke the zero line, down they went. 

Now we have a bit of a crash channel working, but the 5 day cycle projection on the ES 24 hour S&P futures is only 5010-15, and we're there. Doesn't guarantee the end, but be on the lookout. 

Nothing important is planned for today anyway.



There are spport lines between 5015 and 5000 that need to be watched. If they break, what had looked like a bottom pattern will turn into a top pattern. Lots of false moves. 

For moron the markets, see:   

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Several of you asked about FxFox. You may be able to reach him by the board's messaging system if you wish to stay in touch with him, or any other members. No one has been deleted from the system, but some people's contact info may not be up to date, which means that there would be no message notification by email. 

I wish everybody well in their lives and daily pursuits. 

Happy Labor Day to those of you here in Europe. 

No holiday for US Merkans.  


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Hi Stooligans,

since some asked about me: Yes I‘m alive and I feel fine. 😎

Hope the same can be said about every Stoolie and I hope Doc was a good guide - as always - for you in last few weeks.

Best regards


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Can't believe anyone is going to say anything other than soft words of reassurance this afternoon.  The last thing the political environment wants is a crashing market.  Every Fed since I can remember, has supported whoever was in the White House.  I don't see that changing.  Doesn't mean anybody is right or wrong about the market, I just think the Fed will be walking on eggshells until this passes.  


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That won’t change until the Fed does more than talk about it. And why should it change. Inflation marches on, and the markets are doing just fine.  Non-subscribers, click here for access. 

Tight Fed policy hasn’t mattered because the players have been determined to create their own liquidity. Who needs QE when you can just borrow your own cash into existence. With plastic in our pockets, we are all mini central banks. We create credit and money by simply spending what we don’t have because the banks give everybody, especially hedge funds and dealers and private equity, a blank check for credit when they want it.  Non-subscribers, click here for access. 

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