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The Fundamental Things Apply as Time Goes By 11/2/23

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8 minutes ago, WTF said:

LOL estimates...

Is AAPL a new startup company... are their people that have never heard of this company and just waiting in the wings to buy a +$1k phone... (a fkn phone?  You have got to be kidding me!!!)

There are no new customers for apple that have not already purchased an iphone... it is now just replacements... NO WAY that valuation supports this price...

The half-price sale starts today... (buy stock today and get half your money back when you sale in 18 months...)

The earnings they posted today have the earmarks of a matured, saturated company.

It is not a growth conpany, it is a consumer staple. Few years from now it will be perceived like Procter & Gumler today.

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KRE etf - what a boner.

Strong buy here

Also small caps - boom.

This looks like strong new bull move.


Lets see if this go higher for at least two more days, if so, we gonna have santa rally

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