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Praying to Jaysus for Deliverance 10/30/23

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Boy oh boy does Wall Street lie a lot. I can't keep up with it. Now Stan Druckenmiller. Another polemicist blaming Yellen for something that she didn't do, first because she wasn't Treasury secretary at the time, and second because what he was suggesting she should have done would have been impossible to do. 

Lying bastard. 


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Do the math Stan. The Fed had already started tapering QE by the time Janet became Treasury Sec. Yield had already doubled. Janet could not have refied at 0.70. She wasn't there.

Furthermore, how much 10 year paper would the Treasury have had to issue to impact the  duration of the total debt? How many trillions? What if just the $7.6 trillion maturing this year. That's 7.6 trillion in added 10-30 year paper.  And that would not have sent prices plummeting and yields soaring? 

Give me a fucking break. It's not even a wet dream. 

The US Treasury could not have sold more long term paper in material quantity without the Fed buying virtually all of it. Period. Well let's just get together with Jerry and Let's Make a Deal. Monetize the whole goddam thing at a fixed rate and be done with it. 

Then we'll see what happens. 

These Wall Street guys are clowns. And Yellen, bless her heart, is their number one punching bag, when the real villain is Bernanke. How come the Wall Street scum never complain about him robbing savers of any return on their life savings so that Wall Street could get richer? Because he made them even more obscenely rich than they already were. 

Fuck them. Fuck them all.  

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People are wondering why consumer spending is holding up the US economy. Simple, because under ZIRP, savers had no money to spend. Spending money came from refi. And that was intermittent. 

Now savers have spending money, and it's not intermittent. It's constant. And the higher rates go, the more money they have to spend. 

ZIRP/QE/Bernankecide was a fraud. It ruined the lives of millions of people and didn't generate consistent spending or trickle down. Instead of being celebrated, the architect of this evil should have faced prosecution. Unfortunately, his evil deeds weren't criminal acts. So he gets away scot free. Only history will be the judge, and there's no guarantee that the historians will get it right either.  

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19 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Only history will be the judge, and there's no guarantee that the historians will get it right either.  

Most likely they will not. Like with Appeasement policy of the 1930s. When you deal with a devil - Hitler in that case - you can‘t behave as if you would deal with someone who shares your basic principles and values. The only chance to stop Hitler was to built up massive military strengh right after 1933. It was crystal clear right from the beginning that the Nazis want war and prepare for it.

Given that how come that almost no historian warns in drastic words about Appeasement policy by the US regarding Iran? One thing is crystal clear: Right in the moment when they would have a functioning atomic bomb they would nuke Israel. So the policy must be: Never ever can Iran be allowed to have atomic weapons. The Mossad knows that and killed one „scientist“ after the other. Thankfully. You can’t deal with the devil. You can only destroy him.

If I would be Israel I would give a damn about what the UN says anyway. That insititution promotes top-level antisemitism and we in the West sponsor that crap since decades. Antonio Gutteres showed that even a social-dumbocrat from Portugal can be a facist at heart. That guy is a puppet sponsored by the global islamo-facist „countries“.

Hugs and kisses go out to all Jews in the world, to all Israelis, to the IDF and to all Mossad agents.

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The U.S. Federal Reserve is owned by its member banks... who was Bernanke working for... who benefitted from ZIRP/QE...

The Federal Reserve worked just like it was designed to and protected the businesses and people it was created to protect... not saying it's right, but what else do you expect?  The fox is guarding the hen house...

Who does Powell work for... when the next (XYZ) FED tool is announced to save us "all"... the "all" he is referring to are the member banks and a small group of very rich and powerful people...  As George Carlin put it... "It's a "BIG" club and you ain't in it!"

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