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There Is No Equilibrium Price - 10/26/23

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3 hours ago, fxfox said:

Enphase launches atomic bomb on itself and gets absolutely crushed, down 14% in the after live, after having lost A LOT already in recent weeks…

Look at the monthly chart of Enphase, lots and lots of room to fall…

Enphase and Solaredge might be nice ones to scrape off the floor to accumulate some day.  Attractively low net debt.  But I’d wait til everything else has joined the dump party.  Who knows - these could be single digits by then.

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Most shocking event this week? Antonio Gutteres in the UN assemlby. What he said (and NOT SAID!) was top-level Antisemitism. But the UN has a long tradition regarding that. The whole assembly did cheer and freakout when blood-thirsty hard-core terrorist Arafat hold his speech in the 1970s while wearing a loaded gun during the speech in the UN.

Same counts for the NoBull Prize commitee. The day Arafat was awarded the Peace Price this insitution died for me. I can't take it seriously anymore, it is a farce.


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