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Almost an Uptrend 9/14/23

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1 hour ago, Takachi-1 said:

If its teach/taught,    why isn't it preach/praught

The their versus there is the one that drives me crazy

There is no such word as alot.

It used to be there were checkers, now the checkers don't know.


It's they're. 

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3 hours ago, DrStool said:

No, it's to be their, or not to be they're, there is the question. 


Now lets look at the derivatives of there.....

Therefore vs. Therefor

  • Therefore is an adverb that means “as a consequence,” “as a result,” or “hence.”
  • Therefor is an adverb that means “for that,” or “for it.”

You think, therefore you exist. Or, do you think, therefor you exist?

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